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Hypnotize Anyone Using Fingers

Hypnosis is a counseling therapy. It is induced using numerous techniques. A hypnotherapist knows how to use a particular technique and on whom. As it is important to now the subject as well. One of the most widely known technique of hypnosis is using a pendulum. Mostly people associate hypnosis with this technique only. However that is one of the oldest techniques of hypnosis so that’s why the fame. But today we will know about another famous technique. With this technique you can hypnotize anyone using fingers. This is a fun technique which involves good amount of patience as well.

Hypnotize Anyone Using Fingers

Now comes the fun part. First of all the technique which we are presenting today is known as ‘Finger Spreading Technique’. It is important to understand the steps as well motive or intentions behind each step. Following steps will help us to understand this technique more clearly:

  1. Firstly we will ask the subject to raise their hand in front of their eye level as shown in the following image. And then the subject has to focus to the tip of the middle finger.
  2. Once hand is in correct position. The hypnotherapist now tells the subject to concentrate on breath. With each passing breath your hand is slowly coming closer to you hand. Once the subject’s hand touches their face, hypnotherapist will keep that hand back to the normal position on the lap of the subject.
  3. After this step the clinical process of the remaining session begins. This is how the finger spreading technique of hypnosis is induced. But that is not all.
  4. Once session is done, it is equally important to bring the patient back from hypnosis. Watch the following video to understand the inducing and bringing back process:
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Hypnotize Anyone Using Fingers

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Hypnosis is a boon for all of us. It helps us in realizing our potential and always try to maximize our efforts. You can learn hypnosis for benefit of self and of masses.

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