Training of Trainers or Teacher Training course has been designed to impart skill of effective teaching. The student after completion of the course can effectively understand group behavior and conduct classes or group activities effectively by incorporating wisdom of students with active participation.

The course comprises of :

1. Training – A Teaching Learning Process.

  • What is Training?
  • Types of Training.
  • Educational Process in Participatory Training.
  • Adult Kearning and
  • Principles of Participatory Training.

2. Role of Trainer

  • Pre Training Role, During Training Role, Post Training Role,
  • Major Trainer Responsibilities and related Competencies.

3. Self Development of Trainer

  • Self Development Why,
  • What is Self Development,
  • What is Self and
  • How to Plan for Self Development

4. Designing A Training Programme

  • Assessing Learning Needs,
  • Interpreting Training Objectives,
  • Contents and Methodology
  • Linkages and Sequencing Contents

5. Small Group Processes

  • Participation
  • Communication,
  • Decision making,
  • Leadership,
  • Problem Solving,
  • Conflict Resolution and
  • Small Group Facilitation

6. Learning Training Methods

Considerations for Choosing a Training Method,
Different Training Methods

7. Evaluation and Follow up

8. Learning Exercises

The students are made aware and sensitized towards teaching hypnosis and related issues.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Training- A Teaching Learning Process
  • Role of Trainer
  • Self-Development of Trainer
  • Designing a Training Program
  • Small Group Processes
  • Learning- Training Methods
  • Evaluation and Follow up
  • Learning Exercises
  • Mind Body Relationship
  • Hypnotic Conditions
  • Healing Strategies
  • Innovative Induction Techniques

Scheme of the Course:

  1. The students invest time in classroom/online sessions.
  2. The classroom/online sessions include input sessions, demos, and practice sessions.
  3. Debriefing is provided after each practice or demo session for clarification and consolidation of the concepts and processes.
  4. The students are provided reading and learning material for further in-depth knowledge and understanding of concepts and processes.
  5. The students are provided supervisory support to seek guidance for sharpening their skills while practicing independently in the field over a period of three months.
  6. The students are helped to prepare a plan of action after the training classes.
  7. The Academy makes online support available to the students for the stated period and beyond.
  8. The Certification for the course will be awarded.


1 Week (6 Days In A Week)


INR 80,000/- (inclusive accommodation and logistics) – 18% GST Applicable

INR 50,000/- (exclusive accommodation and logistics) – 18% GST Applicable


2 Weeks (5 Days in a week)


INR 35,000/- (With video coaching) – 18% GST Applicable