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Self Treatment of Depression

We take so many healthy steps to keep our body in a healthy shape. We change our eating habits. Our sleep pattern shifts in a more healthy way. We also join some gym or any physical workout to remain fit. Hence, we do a lot of activities to remain physically fit and active. But when we are so much occupied in keeping our physical self healthy, we tend to ignore the upkeep of our mental health. This negligence creates several psychological issues and problems. The most common of them all is Depression. But no need to worry. One can also do self treatment of depression. Today we will understand how can take care of our mental health also. And remain both physically and mentally fit.

Self Treatment of Depression

Health is wealth. A great and one of the most accurate old sayings of all time. We can become anything and achieve anything when are in good health. But health is not only limited to physical health. We also need to make sure our mental health is also fit.

Depression is one of those factors which makes an individual take extreme life threatening steps. Many of us take negative mental health lightly. The care which is given to an injury to heal is the same which should be given to the mental health. Depression is not an incurable or non-treatable condition. With proper care and guidance we can overcome this.

The best option is to seek expert help. There is no shame in seeking help to overcome an insecurity which is troubling your life. However, if you wish to treat on your own then that is also possible. With the help of following steps you can regain control over your thoughts:

Strict Sleeping Schedule

Our sleep makes us either lazy or active. Laziness is the biggest supporter of depression and activeness is it’s biggest opponent. People who suffer depression often sleep late or for longer duration. But the first step towards stabilizing our thoughts is to have a sleeping schedule. An ideal sleeping duration for an adult is 7-8 hours. Sleeping only for this much duration and get out of your bed once sleep is complete.

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Sleep Schedule


This miraculous exercise is a boon for mankind. This is tough to perform but once you get used to it, you will love every second of doing yoga. Yoga enhances our neuro-muscular coordination. Along with that our internal organs remain healthy and in good condition. Our body starts taking more oxygen and thus we remain more active and more in control. Due to the same our thoughts also become balanced. Depression makes one overthink but yoga helps in controlling thoughts, keeps our organs healthy, keeps muscles healthy and we become flexible.

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To-Do List

A to-do list is like a teacher for us. It keeps us reminding constantly about our day’s work. Thus we avoid procrastination in this. Depression makes us stay unproductive through out the day. But we need to change that. When we have the list in front of us, we stay motivated to complete it.

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To-Do List

Like the above there are more steps and concept to understand self treatment of depression. Watch the following video to understand it more clearly:

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Self Treatment of Depression

Seek Help

If you feel you need help in overcoming depression then seek one today. Even if there is someone in your known circle who suffers the same then tell them to seek help. Depression should never be taken lightly and under expert guidance, you will feel much better in short span of time.

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