Reiki Level 2

Reiki Level 2 

Reiki Level 2 provides students the skills to practise Reiki on open energy channels and others deeply. 

The Level 2 Attunement is given in one single attunement with focus to open up the heart chakras, the midpoint between the spiritual and physical chakras. 

While training, students also receive their symbols during level 2. They are expected to use these symbols to bring the universal energy of Reiki into their daily lives in practical ways. These symbols can also help people provide Reiki over long distances or send healing energy wherever it might be needed around the world. 

Symbols of Reiki, Level 2 

There are five symbols in Reiki, and each corresponds to a specific energy. 

These five symbols include: 






The most notable difference between Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 is the inclusion of 3 special symbols and their mantras. These are used to increase the Reiki energy level and enhance healing abilities. 

Using the Symbols and Mantras 

The symbols might be drawn in the air, onto your palms or imagined. It is worth learning to imagine the symbols as it avoids revealing to others. Once a person understands the nature of each of the symbols, it is easier to apply them to any circumstance. Their use is as flexible as a person’s imagination. 

Power Symbol: The power symbol works on the physical level and is used to boost the Reiki energy. The use of symbols before healing reduces the amount of time needed for a healing session. 

If the person has studied Reiki Level 1, the amount of energy available might need 5 minutes per hand position. With the use of this symbol, the amount of time may be reduced to at least 50%, or will use the same amount of time, and deliver more healing energy. 

Uses of Power Symbol: 

Self-healing and healing others 

Cleanse your living environment 

Remove bad energy from an object 

Food and drinks 


Harmony Symbol:

This symbol relates to balance and the emotions. While it has no power for the first symbol, it works at a deeper healing level. This harmony Symbol helps to heal more complex emotional problems, bringing harmony to situations and things. 

Uses of Harmony Symbol: 

Bring peace and harmony to a person, an object, or situation. Balance negative thinking Achieving a dream or fulfilling a wish. 

Distance Healing Symbol:

This symbol attracts the most people to learn Reiki Level 2. Unlike power and harmony symbols, this symbol is not a symbol, but 5 Kanji characters. Because of the number of individual strokes contained within the symbol, it is the hardest of the three to draw and memorize. 

Use this symbol to send distant healing to anyone in any place. Some knowledge of the person to be healed is needed, like name, age, gender, and current location. 

Uses of Distance Healing Symbol: 

Distance healing using a written note. Distance healing using small image. Distance healing using life-size image. Karuna Reiki Master’s degree Attunement Process 

A Reiki Level 2 Attunement is a process that attunes a person to a higher frequency of Reiki energy, enables a person to channel Reiki energy and use the Reiki 2 symbols and mantras. 

The Attunement is a type of ritual that the Reiki Master keeps secret. The Reiki Master will request students to keep eyes closed during the healing process. Some query the need for secrecy, but it’s a way to make the process meaningful. Closed eyes make it easier to focus internally and enjoy the Attunement experience. 

The Reiki Master uses a combination of symbols and mantras to connect a person to the Reiki universal life force. 

21 Day Self Healing Practice 

During the 21-day cleansing period, at the minimum, a person should perform a full Reiki self-healing session daily. It might be hard to find the time, but try to do it anyway. 

A person can self-heal in bed at the end of the day – not always successfully, too easy to fall asleep. But don’t let this healing put you off. It’s a wonderful opportunity to know the feeling of Reiki energy and heal yourself at the same time.


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