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How to Hypnotise with Eyes

Hypnosis with eyes is undoubtedly one of the most famous techniques. Almost in every instance hypnosis is portrayed or demonstrated with technique of eyes. Anyone can hypnotise with eyes as there are several techniques associated with eyes only. But most importantly we should have better understanding about hypnosis. So today we will understand how to hypnotise with eyes and also have more knowledge about the concept of hypnosis.

How to Hypnotise with Eyes

Hypnotherapy is a suggestion based therapy. This is a communicative therapy. Many therapists use hypnosis to overcome several psychological issues. Depression, anxiety, stress, stammering, alcoholism are some of the issues. As per the records, hypnosis is much swifter and effective in bringing changes in the mental state of an individual.

So there are several techniques of inducing hypnosis. Today we are focusing on eyes technique. We will understand this technique point by point to ave in depth knowledge about the particular technique shared today. This technique is popularly known as ‘Reactional Method’.

Reactional Method

In this technique subject follows the command of the hypnotherapist. Therapist tells the subject to close their eyes when they 1 and open their eyes when they say 2. Subject now know what is their duty. They will do as they are told.


Now therapist will start counting and subject will do as being instructed earlier. So in this our conscious mind is expecting the count to be like 1, 2 then 1, 2 then 1, 2 and in the similar pattern. But now therapist confused by mixing or repeating name number twice. Conscious mind becomes confused and at that point it is easy to induce hypnosis.


It becomes easy for the therapist when subject follows every command correctly. Watch the following video to watch the reactional method:

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How to Hypnotise with Eyes

Learn Hypnosis

The technique shared above is very unique and interesting technique. But a hypnotherapist knows many other techniques too. You can also learn hypnosis as it is a great tool for mental development. Many psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrist, counselors and other experts use hypnosis. It has no recorded side or negative effect. It also helps an individual to have better introspection about own.

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