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How to Spot Any Liar

A person lies on a purpose. To avail their own benefit and get away from any possible harm. One can not trust a person who lies or who gets caught lying. It is important for us to know who is lying in any situation. Here the knowledge of body language comes in spotlight. We speak after thinking which is controlled by our conscious mind. But the movements of our body movements is controlled by subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind does not lie. It always speaks the truth. With the help of body gestures we can learn to spot any liar.

How to Spot Any Liar

There are certain gestures which help us in this cause. Following are 5 gestures to spot liars:

  1. The Long Pause: Speaking takes effort of thinking process. We think and then speak. During lying a person will take a longer pause than usual while talking. That pause allows the liar to formulate the lie and plan every word. If during a conversation speaker is taking longer pause then he is probably lying.
  2. The Eye Dart:  During a conversation we make eye contact with the other person. This usually allows the listener to build up trust in the content of speaker. A liar will do two things, either he will not at all build up eye contact or he will make too much of eye contact. Both of them are not normal. If this gesture appears then the speaker is lying.
  3. Over Compensating: A liar will try a lot to convince you. His actions and words will be more than natural. The actions will be more compensating. This is their attempt to tell you that they are not lying. But since this is not normal, you will feel not normal. Thus you will realize that the speaker is lying.
  4. Self Comforting Touches: Self assurance increases the confidence. A liar needs some assurance to back his lies and false talks. That assurance is given by them only. So they will either scratch their neck while talking. Or they will constantly fold their arms. This will be odd and you will know the lie.
  5.  The Poker Face: A face with no expression is the most suspicious face. In any situation a person with poker face will get the unwanted attention. A liar makes poker face while continuing lies. We will get the suspicion that the speaker is not being honest.

Above are some of the gestures which pin out the liar. You will get an upper hand and thus the advantage of this will allow you to be successful. To know more about these gestures watch the following video:

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