Use of GSR in Hypnotherapy

GSR is Galvanic Skin Response which is one of the several electrodermal skin responses(EDRs). EDRs are changes which are caused in the skin of an individual due to environmental events and person’s own psychological state. Human skin is a good conductor of electricity. So these responses help in calculating the signal of the person’s state of mind. Nowadays there is an increment in the use of GSR in hypnotherapy.

Use of GSR in Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. It allows a person to reach the depth of relaxation with the help of guided commands. Since hypnotherapy is used for resolving several psychological issues. It is nowadays used by several counselors and therapists. It is much effective than general counseling. We use GSR response to measure the depth of trance in hypnosis.

Hypnotherapists use GSR to measure the depth of trance. When trance becomes deeper, the impact of hypnosis strengthens. Process of hypnosis works on the correct suggestions and affirmations. The timing matters in the process and an experienced hypnotherapist knows when to use them. Using the machine in the process also helps the patient to know his/her own depth of trance.

Watch the following video to understand the using of GSR machine:

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Use of GSR in Hypnotherapy

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Hypnosis is a great tool for self development. With the help of this scientific therapy, we can change our personality into more confident and motivating one. This therapy is great with kids too. Learning hypnosis will also allow you to help others who need help as well.

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