Domestic Violence

There’s a polarity that exists, that makes this world what it is. If there’s good, there’s bad too. One might take a positive learning or a negative learning from the very same experience. Like any other issue this relates to the issue of domestic violence as well. The situation of violence arises when a person has low self-esteem, extreme jealousy, difficulty in regulating anger, feeling of inferiority etc. It can arise from one or more than one of these factors.

Understand Domestic Violence

In some cases, it may also happen if a person has a personality disorder or any other psychological disorder. This may make a person feel that he/she has a right to control his/her partner. Apart from this, cultural influence, personal experience (seen it happening in family), substance abuse, or even issues like unemployment may make one indulge in such behaviours.

So, it’s a channel of the emotions of culprit that make him/her violent towards partner. It may take different form: physical, emotional or sexual. Also it starts subtly and gets worse over time. Starting might be with anger which turns into arguments and threats. Then it may turn to physical, emotional or sexual violence. At times, the abuser even apologizes afterwards and promises not to do it ever again. The victim, as a result, may start feeling depressed, anxious, that may lead to disturbed sleep pattern, self-esteem issues, blaming oneself etc. It may even take a physical toll on the victim where he/she feels weak and low all the time accompanied by a feeling of helplessness.

Control Domestic Violence

In order to help them out, it’s important for the counsellor to patiently hear them out, believe in them, and make them feel understood. Usually, the victims start blaming themselves, the counsellor must help them get over that feeling too. The victim has to go out more, talk to people (not about the problem but about their interests), keep in touch with people and make more friends, indulge in hobbies like playing, writing, cooking, singing etc. This will help them to increase self-esteem and have confidence over self.

The culprit has to channelize his/her aggression in constructive activities like going out for walk, doing yoga (for relaxation). Also indulging in creative activities like writing, singing, sketching etc. as per their interests. They must be told to avoid getting violent and indulge in argument at the most. The couple needs to be addressed together as well wherein the counsellor needs to motivate them. Tell them not to interfere in each other’s activities given by the counsellor. They need to be told that ups and downs are a part of life and can be overcome with patience from both the sides.

Hence, there’s no problem without a solution. With right attitude and confidence over self, anything can be conquered. Watch the following video on domestic violence over wife:

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Domestic Violence

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