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How to Sleep Again After Waking Up?

Sleep is one of the most favourite activity of humans. No matter where we are, we do not mind lying down and dozing off. Sometimes while coming back from work we sleep in the public transport. Sometimes we even sleep during our working hours. And we all can admit that once we have slept during our school days as well. But some people find it hard to sleep again after waking up. It might be middle of the night or few hours after sleep, irrespective of time, sleeping again seems next to impossible. But it does not mean we can not change it. We can sleep again and today we will learn how to do the same.

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Sleep Again After Waking Up

Due to lack of proper knowledge we find it hard to sleep again. This means that we will now just lye on bed with numerous thoughts preventing us from sleeping. However this has not to stay permanently. We can change our self with few steps to have good normal sleep.

If you find yourself awake in the middle of the night just following the below mentioned steps:

  1. First and most important step to do is to keep phones away. They prevent us from sleeping again because it makes us to use more of our conscious mind. And we drift away from sleep.
  2. Second things which we need to do is make sure the temperature of the room is pleasant. You should feel comfortable in your bed even if you wake up. When we feel physically comfortable then we become lazy and may sleep again.
  3. Breathing will also work in sleeping again. We become active because of lack of proper oxygen. Try taking deep breaths when you try to sleep. Deeper the better. Maximum inflow of oxygen helps in providing enough oxygen to brain. Which will help us to sleep again.
  4. Try rapid blinking of eyes. When eyes will be tired you would not like to open them When eyes are closed you will then quickly go to sleep than normal.
  5. If you are awake, then do no open your eyes.  By this you are not allowing our conscious mind to concentrate on any other thing. In no time you will find yourself back to sleep.
  6. The best option to sleep back again is to imagine that you are sleeping. Our imagination helps us a lot. When we are on bed and are wake in the middle of the night, just imagine that you are in deep sleep. Your mind will help you to enter into the same sleep which you were imagining.

Like the above mentioned there are few more simple steps as well to sleep back again. To understand those steps and process, watch the following video:

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How to Sleep Again After Waking Up ?

Seek Help

Despite the above efforts, if you still feel unable to sleep again then seek some professional help. Indian Hypnosis Academy provides help to those who feel hard sleeping using hypnotherapy.

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