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How to Talk with Strangers Comfortably ?

In this world we do not know everyone. Sadly this is the truth. This means that sometimes we need to talk to a stranger. We need to approach a stranger for some help. Imagine yourself in a situation where you are traveling on a solo trip. You are enjoying the view and you have decided to seek adventure and travel without help. However in that trip also you need to talk to someone and seek help in some cases. You are not only talking to them but also leaving a great impression upon them. In strangers you will create new friends or family as well. This all is not just your imagination, you can do all the above in real that too easily. So now comes the main question, how to talk with strangers comfortably. Let us all find it out today.

How to talk with Strangers Comfortably ?

Talking to a stranger is not that big task to be honest. Why do we need to talk to a stranger ? Because we have some self motive behind that. We talk to someone maybe because we like them, maybe we want to be their friend, maybe we want to have some business opportunity with them. Similarly there are several reasons behind the same. Since we want to have some good for self, we should leave the hesitation aside.

The following points will help us become more self confident and improve our communication skills:

1. Watch and Learn:

Observation and analysing others is the first step. When we talk about observation, we are not recommending anyone to stalk others.  We are not telling anyone to disturb someone’s personal space/life. However this step is more related to body language of the stranger. Now you need to observe their body language when you are going towards them. You just need tot take care of two things – is their body language open or closed ?

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Closed and Open Body Language

This helps us in understanding about the person. We get to know that whether the person is approachable or not.

2. Say Hello!

It is always best to meet someone with a greeting. We never just go to someone and start speaking. We always greet, even if we know that person. Also greeting is accompanied with a smile. A smile is the most powerful weapon in the world. It gives us confidence and respect we want. And also when someone watches us smiling, they also reply back the same. It is always good to smile and make other person smile. Greeting with a smile always leaves a good impression. Also the conversation starts with a positive approach.

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Say Hello with a Smile
3. Handshake

It is the world’s most common practice when two or more people meet. They start the conversation or meeting with a handshake. It is a polite way of acknowledging and respecting others. So when you have now approached a stranger and are going towards them then after a hello shake their hand. Keep this in mind that handshake need to be firm and strong but not too strong. A good handshake is an indicator of a confident personality which leaves a good impression.

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The points mentioned above are some of the points which help us to approach a stranger comfortably.  There are many more to the list. To understand the whole process much comfortably watch our following video:

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How to Talk with Strangers Comfortably

Become a Master of Body Language

Our body language plays the vital role in creating successful opportunities for us. When we know how to understand body language we will become more successful in our lives. You can now learn to enhance your personality. It also gives us knowledge about body language of others.

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