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Is Black Magic a kind of Hypnosis ?

When the sun goes down we are afraid of going anywhere alone. The darkness all around gives us many weird and frightening thoughts. Then in all of this we also develop frightening thoughts about black magic. In almost every culture, new or old, we have heard thousands of stories or incidents involving black magic. Along with this, hypnosis also has its own share of myths and misconceptions. In amidst of all this is black magic a kind of hypnosis?

Black Magic a Kind of Hypnosis

First we will understand about black magic. Due to some unknown reasons we have associated black colour to something bad or evil. So black magic means using some sort of supernatural forces to bring harm.

User may use it bring harm to someone who brought them a lot of pain and suffering. With a hope that they will also experience the same or maybe more. You will even find many experts in profession of black magic.  We can say that black magic causes some unnatural situations to the person on whom it is cast.

Similarly lack of proper awareness about hypnosis causes people to think bad about this counseling therapy. Hypnosis is in use by many psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, therapist and several other experts in the same field for clinical purpose. Also Medical and Health Governments around the globe have given it a recognition to be used as a helping therapy.

But the major myth or misconception surrounding hypnosis is the one that people think it is some mind controlling technique. The person under hypnosis loses self control and will speak truth against will. In short hypnosis is bad thing according to those who have above misconception about it.

Often black magic is associated with hypnosis. Some think hypnosis is a kind of black magic and vice-versa. But in real both of these concepts are pole apart. Hypnosis is a psychological counseling tool whereas black magic is just a superstitious concept created to scare frightened minds.

To better understand the difference of both, watch the following video:

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Is Black Magic a kind of Hypnosis

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