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Importance of ‘OM’ in our Life

Imagine a soft breeze passing through your home. You are sitting in a room and you feel the soft tinkling sensation upon your skin. In a hot weather of June, that breeze is like a blessing to us. We are becoming happy and thus more positive. Now imagine the same experience happening to you always. No matter the situation or difficulty, you are always cool like the breeze. This is possible and achievable by all if we know the correct way. You have seen numerous sages and monks living their life peacefully and specially calmly. They developed the control with regular chanting of OM. So what is the importance of OM in our life.

Importance of OM in our Life

People who practice meditation and self-hypnosis are usually calmer than others. It is because they know a secret of regularly staying in control. The control is achieved by proper usage of words during mediation. However along with that sometimes sound of words also help us to stay relaxed and calm.

The word ‘OM’ is also one of those few words whose vibrations also help us. The vibration created by speaking OM not only helps us to stay relaxed but also our thoughts come under our control. It is because OM is spoken by stretching the later part, it is usually like OOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM…

If you will repeat the same now also then you will experience the positive effect of it. Most interesting fact is this that the repetition of OM is in usage for many centuries in Indian sub-continent.  Basically our ancestors found out about the word and started using it to bring successful and positive change in their lives.

Another interesting fact is this that recently NASA also discovered or able to capture the vibrations of Sun. The energy star upon whom we all are surviving. The vibrations from sun were very similar to OM. To know about the vibration of sun, watch this video.

If you have watched the video then now you know about the vibrations. So if we put it in simple words. Our ancestors somehow made a very similar sound which will give the same positivity and energy just like sun is giving to all of us and mother earth.

Watch the following video to understand the concept:

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Importance of OM in our Life

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