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Why Do We Keep Waking Up at Night ?

After along day at work, we all love to relax. Coming back to our homes. Changed into nightwear. Eating dinner and interact with our family about their day. Doing all this helps us to get more comfortable sleep. We switch off the lights and quickly doze off. Sometimes while at work, even at day time we think about sleeping at night. We miss our cozy and comfy bed. But it frustrates us when we wake up in the middle of the night. Irritation increases when we are unaware about the reason behind this. It happens with many of us. All we want is to sleep. But again due to the repeated occurrence, we ask why do we keep waking up at night. Today we will understand why this happens and how can we prevent it.

Why Do We Keep Waking Up at Night

While watching a horror movie at night, we pray inside our head to our sleep that please come on time. It happens with those have not strong gut to watch horror movies specially at night (like me). And to our surprise or no surprise, we find it hard to sleep instantly. Even if we sleep, nightmares haunt us for that night. This is common among most of us.

Understanding the above example, we can say that our sleep gets affected most by the activity which is done just prior to sleep. It may boost our sleeping pattern or may disturb it. That activity can be just one or many too. So first and foremost, the initial step in understanding reason of disturbance in sleep is before sleep activity.

Our mind constantly or subconsciously is thinking about that activity. The moment it overpowers our natural thought cycle, it causes us to wake up. We think how did we sleep then in the first place. We sleep because of tiredness, primarily physical tiredness. But thoughts do not stop from occurring. Even in our sleep we are thinking which are represented by our dreams.

The moment when those thoughts start causing trouble. We wake up at that instant moment and that too without any sign of previous sleep. We are not able to come out of the thought process because we are not venting out our thoughts.

How to Vent Out Our Thoughts?

Venting means to make something go out. We can also make our thoughts to exit for that period of time. The best support in this is to write.

Half an hour before sleep, write everything which you are thinking before sleep. Let it be anything. It may be good, bad, happy, sad, hurtful, surprising or any type of thought. Just express whatever is in your mind by writing it down.

make sure you are not using any technological assistance in this. Which is to record your voice, writing on mobile phones or laptops. Use what we all have doing for centuries, write it down.  When we write, we express whatever is in our mind.

Those thoughts help us to get new ides or insight about anything important to us. This is a good exercise to empty your head before sleep. And the best part is, you will keep tracks of your thoughts too. There is a possibility that you could have forgotten about those thoughts next morning.

This exercise will help you to vent out thoughts and get help in sleeping faster and as long as required.

How to Sleep Back Again ?

Now comes the part, where you have woken up. The time is neither of morning nor of bed time, it is in middle of your precious sleep time. You are thinking of sleeping again but not able to sleep. The reason lies in the previous statement only.

We only think about sleeping but not actually sleep. We are making our mind to do conscious thinking which require us to consciously stay awake. That is where most of do wrong. No need to think about sleeping, just keep lying there, motionless. Let you mind know that you do not want to wake up.

To get proper insight about the concept, watch our following video. This will again help you to understand the disturbed sleep behaviour. Click on the following image to watch our video:

Why Do We Keep Waking Up at Night ?

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