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Thoughts Can Increase Power

Everything in this occupy a space. Be that is measurable in physical aspect or not. For example today our smartphones comes with internal storage of 64 GB (gigabytes), 128 GB and so on. The data stored in that device is not measurable physically but it is present. Likewise our thoughts also have their own weight. A thought which is more focused and repeated contains more weight than others. That thought has the power to bring change in our lives. Our thoughts can increase our power whether that is psychological or physical.

Yes our thoughts can also help us in gaining more physical power. And this statement is written here based on research done many years ago. Today we will learn how thoughts influence us specifically physically. Along with that we will also learn about the research which proves everything being shared in this blog.

Thoughts Can Increase Power

A research was conducted in 1992 by American Physiological Society. The research was published in their journal which is called Journal of Neurophysiology. In that research it was proved that thoughts alone can help in increasing our physical strength. Now let us first understand how research was carried out.

In that research a group of people was divided into three smaller groups. Let us name those groups as Group A, Group B ad Group C. The research was conducted to measure the strength of fingers following certain protocols. Now we will understand what was their task and how conclusion was made.

Group A

This group was told that to follow a particular exercise, 5 days a week for 4 weeks. They we told to physically carry out he exercise and spend an equal amount of time daily. This was the task of Group A.

Group B

Now they were also told to follow the same exercise as of Group A. Although one difference was made in their schedule. Instead of following exercise physically, they were told to imagine the exercise. They have to just imagine that they are doing the exercise in exact manner as group A was doing in real. Apart from this difference, rest everything was same.

Group C

This was a controlled group. It means that they were told that this particular research is being carried for measuring  strength in their fingers. However they were neither asked to perform exercises physically nor imagine it.


After 4 weeks of research it was time to measure the difference, if there was any. First was Group A, the increment in their strength was of 30%.

The increment in strength of Group B was of 22%.

The increment in strength of Group C was of 3.2%.


According to the above research it is clearly understandable that our thoughts helps increasing our physical power. The increment in strength of Group B from above research proves it. The muscles were stronger by 22% than before just by thinking about exercise.

The above was achievable because mentally also we are putting our energy and focus onto one goal. Even if we are just imagining our exercise, we need to put some time into that imagination. Our thoughts should only focus on our objective.

Watch our following video to understand the process:

Thoughts Can Increase Power

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