Control Growing Anger in Children

Today a parent’s biggest worry is to help their child develop in every aspect. It is vital to have good command over emotions at an early age. Children at a very small age are becoming aggressive than previous generations. There might be several factors behind this but as parents it is our responsibility to help children. Today we will understand some of the steps which will help us to control growing anger in children. Once they realise that is better to control emotions, they will achieve untouchable heights in their respective heights.

Control Growing Anger in Children

Following techniques will help in controlling growing anger in children:

  1. Count Till 5: When we explain to kids that counting till 5 will help them in staying relaxed. They will believe it once they practice and use it in real. This is similar to the example when will turn off the heat of boiling milk and it starts settling down in few seconds. Same effect is associated with anger. Counting till 5 will allow them to stay relaxed even in severe aggressive situation.
  2. Deep Breathing: The technique of deep breathing is beneficial in every aspect. Breathing helps us to stay in present. Thus it helps in controlling the thoughts which may or may not make us aggressive. Few deep breaths will make the anger to vent out. Regular practice of this technique helps in becoming calm and relaxed always.
  3. Make Fists & Release: It is the natural human defense mechanism that is to make fists to defend itself. We now need to teach kids to practice it consciously. In this exercise we will make fists when we are angry and insert all the anger into making fists more hard and tight. After few seconds release the formation of fist. Repeat this couple of times and see the disappearance of anger quickly.
  4. Hugging: Children loves hug. It is the physical gesture found among all animals to show love and compassion. When we hug someone we help them to realise that we love them and care for them. Ask children to repeat the same whenever they feel angry. This will not only will downgrade the anger but also will help in making children more compassionate and caring for others.

Watch the following video to understand steps to control growing anger among children:

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Control Growing Anger in Children

Use Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a powerful scientific tool to tackle such issues swiftly. It deals with our subconscious mind where the anger issue is treated at the root level. Slowly and steadily hypnosis allows the child to become self confident and self reliable.

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