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Self Hypnosis While Driving

Hypnosis is more than we can imagine. It is a natural process of alertness. Using hypnosis we can overcome several psychological issues. However, not always we need to be hypnotized by someone else. Using self hypnosis we can improve our self. Also hypnosis or self hypnosis doesn’t happen only by conscious efforts. Sometimes it happens naturally and we do not realize it. Self hypnosis while driving is also a regular experience by many. Today we  will understand the whole process behind the natural occurrence of the same.

Self Hypnosis While Driving

Let us first understand few circumstances where self hypnosis naturally happens. First, imagine you are meeting with your friends after a long time. It’s been many months or years and you all are very delighted to be in each other’s presence.

At that time you sat with them at around 10 or 11 in the morning. the next moment when you check the time it is 5 or 6 in the evening. You have no recollection of passing of so many hours. You are a little disheartened too as the day is about to end. This happens with all of us. No matter how hard we try we fail to get the exact schedule of how time passed. At that  moment self hypnosis made you forget about time and just enjoy the present.

We can also say that you were lost in the feeling of reunion with your friends. That is the natural experience of self hypnosis.

Friends Reunion

Reading a Book

Second example is when we read our favorite book. We do not care about the place, time and the situation. If we know that we have time to read our book then we do just that. And while reading the book, we experience the same process of self hypnosis. Sometimes hours go by and we get no recollection about it. At that time we get totally lost in our imagination. Whatever is written in the book, we start experiencing the same in our imagination. We enjoy that imagination so much that we forget about our surrounding.

Once we end the particular chapter or the book, we then look around and realize that so much time has passed already. That is natural occurrence of self hypnosis. It happens almost all the time with us, we just never realize it.

Reading a Book

While Driving

Now comes the main part of today. How does self hypnosis happen when we drive. Well, actually it does happen. Try to recall that time when you left office and were coming to home. You might be driving, riding, walking or using a public transportation. You are thinking about how awesome or bad your day was. With each passing second, you are more and more into the thoughts of that day’s moments.

But suddenly you reached home. And you are like how did I ended my journey so quickly. You try to recall but not able to again bring out some schedule. That moment is self hypnosis. If you drive your own vehicle then you use the same route almost every day. That route is deep rooted installed in your mind. Which means your sub conscious mind knows the exact direction.

Your conscious mind was lost in the thoughts of that day’s events. However, your subconscious mind knew what to do. It took command of our driving and you will accept it that when such situation happens, your driving becomes good or better or even the same. But there is no lack of skill.

That state of self hypnosis is allowing us to enjoy or make action plan for what happened that day. And also helping us to drive safely and smoothly.

Next time if you experience it, then you will enjoy and would wish for it to happen more often.


Learn Self Hypnosis

What we learned today is the explanation of occurrence of self hypnosis. When that happens, we love that state of enjoyment or being lost in enjoyment. You can experience the same now with our conscious and willing efforts.

Self hypnosis is also useful in developing us emotionally, mentally and physically. It helps in enhancing our skill and talent. Useful in increasing our motivation, self respect and self love.

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Self Hypnosis While Driving

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