What Does Your Handwriting Say?

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Handwriting exhibits a lot about us. With it’s help we are able to know an unknown person. Even with signature too we can get an idea about an individual. The science of studying handwriting and signature is known as graphology. Many organisations around the world including MNCs, Defense services, universities and many more. But have you ever wondered that what does your handwriting say about you. It helps us on personal level to improve as well. When we know where are we lacking or making mistakes.  But first let us know more about graphology.

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You ?

During childhood when we are unable to learn something we were told to learn by writing. There is a science behind that as well. Whatever we write it is directly inserted in our subconsciousness. That is why when we make handwritten notes, we remember those for long. And writing is a display of our body language.

Our body can not lie and when we write we are writing as per our personality and behavior. So it becomes easy to know a person from handwriting and signature. Today we will know what does our handwriting say about us.


The inclination of handwriting towards left, right or middle is slant. When it is towards left then the person is a loner. He/she likes to live or work alone mostly. They do not like much social gatherings. However the right slant is exact opposite to that of left. The person with right slant is very outgoing. They like to present themselves in front of people. The people with straight slant have characteristics of both. They have control over their emotions.

handwriting analysis, graphology, indian hypnosis academy

Slant in handwriting – Indian Hypnosis Academy


It is also a vital component of handwriting analysis. If writer has large texts then they believe in living life grand size. They love present themselves as big thing. They love to celebrate and enjoy in big style. And small size means that writer is very focused and attentive. They have an ability to pay attention to every minute detail. And they are also shy. People with average size alphabets have again both traits.

handwriting analysis, graphology, indian hypnosis academy, dr jp malik

Size in handwriting – Indian Hypnosis Academy


Spacing indicates personal space in terms of handwriting. More spacing means the writer has more need of maintaining personal space. Spacing may be between words or alphabets but they maintain the same meaning. Less spacing means the writer does not care much about personal space. Neither about their not about others. Normal or average space means average requirement.

handwriting analysis, graphology, indian hypnosis academy, dr jp malik

Spacing in handwriting – Indian Hypnosis Academy

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handwriting analysis, graphology, indian hypnosis academy, dr jp malik

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You ? – Indian Hypnosis Academy

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