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Self Hypnosis in Weight Control

Self hypnosis is a great self developing exercise. It is in practice for many decades, even centuries. Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. It helps in quick connection with subconscious part of mind. Many therapists use hypnosis as an alternative mode of therapy. Due to the effectiveness of it. with the help of self hypnosis we can enhance our skills and talents too. Moreover the better we are, better our performance will be. However, today we are understanding the effectiveness of self hypnosis in weight control. If it is possible by self hypnosis or not, if yes, then how. Let us understand the complete process step by step.

Self Hypnosis in Wight Control

There are several techniques of self hypnosis. Each technique is different and unique. However the objective of the exercise remains the same. Which is to bring development psychically and emotionally in an individual. Today our objective is to bring change in our body weight. With the help of self hypnosis we will understand the same.

Begin with Focus

This is the easiest exercise to begin with for self hypnosis. In this exercise we need to focus at some point for a short duration. it helps us to bring our thoughts in one direction. We just need to focus and watch our deep breaths. This will allow us to bring calmness to our physical and mental state. Keep deep breathing till you feel you have created a good focus.

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Focus – Indian Hypnosis Academy


Now you are having good control over your attention. Your focus is entirely upon the dot. With that it is time to create positive and simple affirmations to bring change. When we will change our mental process then the change in physical state will also start occurring. To bring change in weight, we need to make affirmations related to controlling weight. For example you can use ‘I love exercise’. By saying so you re programming your mind to accept the fact that you love exercise. The affirmation is positive and simple. Also portraying your message straightforward.

You can make affirmations as your desire and requirement. Simpler the affirmations are, easier it becomes to understand them. We can make 3-4 affirmations and use them for our development.


Very quickly we start losing hope. The change which we want to experience physically and emotionally doesn’t come quickly. It takes time and regular efforts. The same persistence is required in this self hypnosis exercise. Our regular inputs allow us to repeat the exercise and develop our mental and physical endurance.

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How Self Hypnosis Helps in Weight Management ?

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