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Self Hypnosis Helps in Physical Development

Self hypnosis is a wonderful tool which helps in our mental development. It helps us to become more efficient. Moreover it enhances our skills and talents as well. For a very long time people use self hypnosis for regular up-gradation. We know that this process is useful in developing us only mentally. But, it does not limit it’s effectiveness. There are several instances in the world where self hypnosis helps in physical development as well. Today we will understand the same that if it is possible, then how ?

Self Hypnosis Helps in Physical Development

Before we begin, let us understand the above with help of some examples.

Imagine you had a heated argument with your colleague or batch mate. That happened a couple of days ago. Now you are travelling to your workplace or educational institute. While going  you had a recollection of the same argument. Now you are thinking of new ways of insulting or humiliating the person. You are developing different scenarios where you are celebrating your so called victory.

While you are thinking that, your body is also changing accordingly. Slowly without even realizing your grip over anything which you are holding tightens up. Deep breathing starts and you are becoming a little angry too.

See just by thinking about some past events, your body reacted quickly. It changed as you wanted it to change. Whereas in present you are not having any argument with anyone. You are just traveling and just imagining those thoughts.

This helps us in understanding that just by thinking our body adapts accordingly. It does not matter whether in real that activity is happening or not, our body will follow our command.

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Angry – Indian Hypnosis Academy

Another Example

Imagine you love someone. Or have crush on a person or even have fantasy for them. You like them a lot and always think about them. When you imagine about them you also get tickling feeling in your stomach. All that happens just by thinking about them.

Now when you get sexual imagine thoughts for them your body also acts accordingly. In a specific region of your body you feel sudden change. It does not matter whether you are a male or a female. The change happens and it happens just by thinking about the situation in our thoughts.


How Self-Hypnosis Will Help ?

So far we are on the same page that our thoughts affect our physical body. Knowing this we can use our thoughts to shape our physical appearance. However so far we can not use our thoughts to regrow any of our lost limb but it can definitely help in developing our physical state.

If say you are going to gym and want to gain muscle size or want to reduce fat. In both circumstances you need to put physical efforts. However in this our mind also plays the equal important role. With the help of affirmations we shape our mind to produce certain commands which will helps in physical development.

When you want to gain your muscles then with regular affirmations you are reprogramming your muscles to become larger.

To understand the process, watch our video:

physical change with self hypnosis
Physical Change with Self Hypnosis – Indian Hypnosis Academy

Learn Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is an efficient and effective self developing therapy. It helps in overcoming several inhibitions on our own. Anyone with any educational background can and should learn this. Indian Hypnosis Academy provides course on Self Hypnosis along with other Hypnotic and Healing Courses.

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