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Learn Best Technique of Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is the process of becoming better on our own. Self itself implies hat we need to do this by our own only. This process is in existence for ages and people still continue to enjoy it. In order to use self hypnosis, we need to understand the process. Along with that, where can we take advantage of it. When we learn to utilize self hypnosis to it’s full efficiency then we can become successful in all aspects of life. And it is better to learn best technique of self hypnosis. It will allow us to know more about our strengths and weaknesses.

Using self hypnosis is not a tough task. As a matter of fact, anyone can use it for their development irrespective of their age. Since the process is of mental development then age is no bar. Along with mental development, it allows us to develop physically and emotionally too. So let us understand and learn the best technique today.

Learn Best Technique of Self Hypnosis

We will breakdown the process into two simple steps. It will allow us to understand the process clearly. The most important requirement of self hypnosis is to make affirmations and second one is when to say those affirmations. This exercise comprises of these two steps only. When we learn to create good affirmations along with timing of using those then only we can optimally take advantage of self hypnosis.

Create Affirmation

Affirmations are basically suggestions which we give to ourselves. Framing of an affirmation is however a tough task. But only for those who do not know how to frame it.

Following are some of the important points which we need to keep in mind before making affirmations:

  • Affirmations should always have simple present tense. For example if you want to make affirmation to improve your memory then affirmation could be like ‘My memory is sharp and I love to remember every detail’.
  • It should be to the point. If you want to improve your confidence then affirmation should be directly associated with confidence.
  • Avoid using any negative word. For example, if you want to quit smoking then instead of making affirmation like ‘I don’t like smoking’ write ‘I love smoke free life or I love cigarette free life’.
  • Try to keep them small. Mind loves simple and small things. Simple and small affirmations will have better chance of showing positive results than long and complex ones.

Above are the key factors which are essential in framing affirmations.

When to Speak Affirmations

This is the second important step in self hypnosis process. Timing is everything in almost every process of this world. At correct time and situation we can unlock wonders. But when we talk about affirmations, we can speak them for as many times as we want throughout the day. However we need to make sure is is not affecting our livelihood.

Following are two best time slots for all of us:

  • Just after waking up: it is the natural hypnotic state and helps in better conditioning of affirmations.
  • Before sleep: It is again the natural hypnotic state. At this time we know that within few seconds I can fall asleep. So that time also helps us in utilizing affirmations.

Watch our Video

You can also watch our following video to have better understanding about process. The same process shared above is presented in visual format for your convenience. Watch our video below:

Learn Best Technique of Self Hypnosis – YouTube Video

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