Tackle Office Stress

Our professional life also carries many stressful moments. They slowly keep on building up and may cause us severe psychological damage. But when we tackle such stress at correct time then we give our self healthy and positive lifestyle. Stress may come because of any factor but it is important to tackle office stress in a correct and easy way.

Being in office we have our own space. It may be our desk or the standing area or even the couch. No matter where we are, we can perform certain activities to instantly get rid of building stress or tension. So today we will learn about few activities which will help us to tackle office stress with ease.

Tackle Office Stress

There are few activities which you can do even while sitting at your desk. This will allow you to stay at your comfort zone and still get over stress. You can start with following exercises:

  1. You can start by an exercise which is similar to stretching. In this you just need to create a force within your hands, take a deep breath while doing so and hold your breath along with the force created. After 5-6 seconds release the pressure and the breath at same time. Keep doing this exercise for 4-5 times whenever you feel stressed out. Regular practice of this exercise will help you to stay relaxed and calm in stressful office environment.
  2. This exercise is also similar to the above mentioned one. In this exercise you need to press palms of both of your hands together. And create an equal force from both hands. While creating the pressure take a deep breath and hold it along with increasing force at palms. After 5-6 seconds, release the pressure and the breath. Repeat it 4-5 times and the stress will be far away.

The above mentioned exercises are very easy to practice and they don’t take any extra efforts as well. Only thing which is required is consistency in doing the exercise. Regular practice of such exercise allows us to stay happy and calm. Despite the pressurized official environment, our mind does not loose it’s cool and maintain proper control. Such habits also make us to live a successful and healthy life style.

Click on the given link below to watch the exercises:

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Tackle Office Pressure


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