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Speak English Without Hesitation

English has become a global language today. Mainly due to colonies British empire back in the colonial era. In every global meeting or event, English is used to communicate. However it does not mean that English is the native language of the world. As a matter of fact most of the countries in this world have their own native languages. For example in India, there are more than 20 National languages and more than 100 regional languages. People use English when they visit a new country without knowing anything about the native language of that country. Still we feel our English is not good enough. We feel hesitant and become self conscious about our grammar and accent. First step in becoming confident is to remove hesitation while speaking English. Anyone can speak English without hesitation.

We can be fluent in one language only and that is our mother tongue. But with regular practice we can also speak other languages fluently. Let us understand first why do we feel hesitant while speaking English and how can we overcome it as well.

Remove Hesitation of English

When we talk why do we feel hesitant? It happens when we are trying to make an impression. Usually people communicate to impress not to express. This is not how a smooth communication process flows. But when we talk about English, only those feel hesitant who have different native language than English.

Rise in Anxiety

While talking in English we make sure we talking without a pause. I mean that’s what we imagine in our heads. With that determination we start speaking. But we keep taking pauses in between. That is normal and natural as we take pause to thin of words to use next. We do this because that is how talking is done. To take pauses and think what to speak next.

But with that pause we assume that our impression is ruined. This shatters our confidence and thus anxiety starts increasing. It started because of our assumption and not in actual experience.

Anxiety also rises when we compare our self with others. Specially with those who speak English as their native language. People with English as their mother tongue are supposed to have an accent. Those who belong to other native languages have their own accent. Just by comparing us with them will make us feel bad about our own self.

Lack of Practice

It is mandatory to have practice in learning something in which we are not fluent. When we know that we need practice to have good command over communication then speaking without practice will cause us problem only.

Keep practicing and speak slowly. No need to rush a train while talking. When we talk normally then our words come out complete and clear.

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Speak English Without Hesitation

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