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Create Long Lasting Impression

We only get one chance to create last impression. People remember those for long who give an extra ordinary performance. When I talk about performance, it means delivering anything which is being asked. For example, giving a speech is also a performance. Talking to someone for the first time is also a performance. Ever opportunity in our life demands our performance. Creating a long lasting impression is not tough or hard. However, it requires us to take care of few things.

Since we only get one chance to leave a long lasting impression, we need to utilize that opportunity efficiently. Our body helps us in creating good impression. Today we will be sharing some of the tips which will help us in the same. Our body language and verbal communication hand in hand will make us extra ordinary.

Create Long Lasting Impression

There are few gestures which along with our words will help in enhancing impact of the communication. Following are the body language gestures we need to keep in mind:

  1. Straight Back: While talking, whether you are sitting or standing, always keep your back straight. It will increase confidence in your personality. Remember how army personnel always keep their back straight. And confidence along with pride is visible on their faces.
  2. Inclination: Our body inclines towards the person in whom we develop an interest. Whenever they talk, we incline a little towards them subconsciously. This develops positive impression of us upon speaker when they are speaking.
  3. Hands: Imagine some one is speaking without any had movement. They are just standing or sitting and delivering their speech. This will not make you want to listen more of that individual. However if someone who constantly uses his hands gives more positive and believable delivery. This is how important role of hands become.
  4. Handshake: A firm and good handshake also leaves a lasting impression. Neither too hard nor too soft. A grip which is firm and somewhat strong. Another person develops a good impression about us after a good handshake.
  5. Smile: Anyone can recognize a fake smile or laugh. Never do that, never pretend that you are finding it funny. A genuine and honest smile/laugh is always appreciated and loved. It also helps in leaving a long lasting impression.
  6. Eye Contact: Whether you are speaking or listening. Eye contact with other person/s will always be fruitful. It send a message to other person that you are paying attention to them only. We all crave for attention and when we get it, we become happy. Thus you will be having an opportunity to leave a long lasting impression.

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There are some points to the list remaining. Watch our following video and understand more about importance of body language:

Tips for Leaving a Long Lasting Impression – YouTube Video

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It is important to have an appealing and confident personality. Now personality does not come from our clothes or accessories. It comes from how we present and carry ourselves. Leaning about body language and important communicative gestures will help us in becoming successful in our lives.

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