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How to Read Mind of Anyone?

This is nothing less than a superpower. Where all we want is to know that other person is thinking. What if I tell you that this is not impossible. This is that art or education which is present in our society or culture for thousands of years. Earlier or in ancient times people used to know what other is thinking. That may be one of the reasons why they were honest and polite with each other. Today we will understand and learn the education of how to read mind of anyone with some practice of course.

How to Read Mind of Anyone ?

First let us clear some doubts which may cause some confusion later on. The following points are very important and must be kept in mind always:

  • Reading mind of someone doesn’t mean we will know every thought what they are thinking.
  • It doesn’t give us some kind of power to know their deep secrets.
  • We can not manipulate or change their thinking pattern.

You will however, learn to know about the particular subject for whom the whole exercise was started. Nothing comes easy and to achieve something and learn something new we have to put our efforts and dedication into it.

Success is tasted by handful of people in the world because they put efforts every day. This is the sole reason of their success along with using their mind constructively.

Now we will learn the and understand the exercise with the help of following steps:

  1. It is an exercise of 21 days
  2. Divide the days in 2 groups: 10 days and 11 days
  3. In the beginning 10 days, purify your thoughts and intentions. 
  4. Begin with positive affirmations which are to be said exactly before sleep everyday
  5. Those affirmations should be positive, simple and to the point
  6. Remaining 11 days same exercise is to be done but now subject is changed
  7. Focus the attention towards the person whose thoughts you want to know
  8. Repeat affirmations at same time
  9. Affirmations should focus on your positive image in their consciousness
  10. It could be related o your job offer, business proposal, personal consent or anything

Once 21 days are invested, we will now get to know what other person thinks about you but it may be in either of 3 forms:

Exact Words, Imagination about situation, Energy Vibes


Once the exercise is done and we get the message about what they are thinking abut you, we need to move to the next step.

The result may either come in your favour or against you, you need to maintain your calm by all means. Through the above exercise you got what you wanted to know. This will help you to become more focused about self, it will increase your confidence along with motivation to work positively.

How to Learn ?

Indian Hypnosis Academy provides education to learn the above mentioned exercise along with several other benefits. The course which will enable you to learn this art is called ‘Clinical Psychic Therapy

Watch the following video to all the steps:

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How to Read Mind of Anyone ?


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