Fast Hypnosis Technique

There are several techniques of hypnosis which are used to induce hypnotic process. Hypnosis is used for several reasons which include healing of psychological issues, self development, thoughts control and many more. Usually the induction process of hypnosis takes a longer duration. This makes the patient relaxed and comfortable for the complete process. However there are quick induction techniques too for the same. Nowadays many hypnotherapists follow the fast hypnosis technique. This allows the patient to go quickly into the state of hypnosis.

Fast Hypnosis Technique

Fast hypnosis means that there is reduction in induction process. Therefore there is a possibility that relaxation duration will be less. But it does not reduce the impact of hypnosis. A hypnotherapist with good skill and knowledge will use the techniques as per the patient’s personality.

Such techniques are also in vast quantity. We are sharing some of the techniques below:

  1. Hand Push Down Technique: In this technique the hypnotherapist will keep their one hand below the hand of the patient. Patient will be told to keep their one hand straight. after correctly positioning the hand, hypnotherapist will ask patient to force their hand down. This will allow the patient to focus on bringing the hand down of the therapist. After few seconds the therapist will remove their hand from below and the imbalance will allow the successful induction into hypnosis.
  2. Hand Shake: This technique is one of the most famous techniques of fast hypnosis. In this the patient and counsellor will shake their hands. The patient will not be expecting any kind of induction in a warm greeting. However the therapist knows the technique and using element of surprise, the hypnosis can be started. In this the therapist will pull the patient towards him/her. The dis-balance of the body will allow the therapist to begin with the session.

Like the above mentioned two there are many more techniques of fast hypnosis. Above all one point is very important in any of the technique. The therapist should have proper experience and knowledge in carrying out the exercise. Second important thing is the cooperation and willingness of the patient.

With both of these elements in consideration on a positive side, the hypnotherapy will help the patient to experience fast hypnosis. Due to lack of proper training sometimes these techniques often fail.

Demo of Technique:

The following video will help you to understand the hand push down technique in fast hypnosis:

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Fast Hypnosis Technique


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