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Increase Telepathy Power

Telepathy is the concept which allows one to talk to another just via thoughts. There are different interpretations with the concept. Mostly it is considered as a myth. There is a reason why because telepathy is associated with some super natural power. Many believe this is just a myth or a crowd pulling topic with no actual existence. However in real telepathy does exists. It is a purely scientific process where we learn to use our thoughts and attention. We all have telepathy power within us, it is just the matter of usage and belief. Any one can increase telepathy power with correct guideline.

Let us understand about telepathy with an example. It has happened with most of us that when we are thinking about someone then suddenly we get some kind of connection with them. That may be a phone call from them, a message or even discovering an old memory in form of video or photograph. But because our attention, thoughts and focus was on that person only, we somehow get in contact with them. With the same idea in mind we can know more about the process.

Increase Telepathy Power

There is a reason we are using word power. Because when we work on our physical muscles, they grow stronger and powerful. We can say that our muscle power is increasing. Similarly we can also say that our telepathy powers are increasing. But they increase when work on improving them. Developing mental power is essential for us. Just like we work on improving our physical strength, we need to work on our mental strength.

In order to start improving your telepathy, just start with the following simple exercise.

Initial Exercise

When we first begin the exercise, start by thinking about small things. For example, let us begin this exercise when you are with one of your friend or relative.

Ask them to focus on some particular colour, just one colour. At that moment, the colour which comes in your mind at first is the colour which they are also thinking about. However trusting our thoughts takes practice and that is what we will learn to do.

Meditation or self hypnosis helps us to concentrate on our thoughts. When we are meditating, we are only focusing on increasing our telepathy power. Each and every thought is to understand how to deliver our thoughts to other person. It is a long and disciplined process. However, with correct process, we can learn to use our thoughts in unexplained ways.

Understanding Telepathy

Telepathy is not reading someone’s mind or thoughts. It does not give us any anonymous power over someone. But with telepathy we develop better control over our own self. We learn to use and divert our thoughts into more productive and fruitful cause.

We develop a better intuitiveness with telepathy. Sometimes we know what other person is thinking using this technique but not everything in details. For example if your friend is worries about paying this month’s home or office rent then using telepathy you might know that they are troubled by financial concerns. However it is not certain that you will know the every thought in detail.

Watch our Video

We have prepared following video for the same concern. Watch our video till the end to understand the telepathy process more clearly:

Increase Telepathy Power – YouTube Video

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