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Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Works?

Hypnosis is widely used to overcome various Psychosomatic Disorders Weight Loss or Weight Management is one of them. Although diet Management and exercise is must for Weight loss but many of the people who want to achieve their ideal weight are not be able to continue exercise and dietary guidance with same motivation. Hypnosis will help to Program Mind and trained to achieve ideal weight goal.

How exactly does self-hypnosis for weight loss help?

It can help resolve subconscious emotional conflicts

·        It can help correct thinking errors and detrimental beliefs

·        It may help you reduce cravings

Early studies from the 90s found that people who used hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as those who dieted without the cognitive therapy. A 2014 study worked with 60 obese women, and found that those who practiced hypnobehavioral therapy lost weight and improved their eating habits and body image.

Your subconscious is where your emotions, habits and addictions are located, Friedmutter says. And because hypnotherapy address the subconscious—instead of just the conscious—it may be more effective. In fact, a study analysis from 1970 found hypnosis to have a 93 percent success rate, with fewer sessions needed than both psychotherapy and behavioral therapy. “This led researchers to believe that, for changing habits, thought patterns, and behavior, hypnosis was the most effective method,”

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