How to Catch Liar in 5 Easy Ways

We all are taught since childhood not to lie. Lying is a negative body language gesture. This also creates a negative impression upon others. There are still certain people who lie for their selfish reasons. No matter how hard we try or how often we lie, there are always clues to identify a liar. Our words are associated with our conscious mind and that’s why we speak after taking time to lie. However during that communication, certain body gestures doesn’t cooperate with the words. Those are the symptoms of catching a liar. In this blog we will learn to catch liar in 5 easy ways. Understand every point and also watch the video for the same provided at the end.

How to Catch Liar in 5 Easy Ways

Following are 5 points of catching a liar:

  1. The Long Pause: When we speak we take time as per the speech delivery. During a presentation we take and explain everything but during normal conversation the speed increases. However when a person lies, he takes pauses longer than usual. This is because they are thinking in their mind about what to speak next. To continue with the lie, they take long pauses to think.
  2. The Eye Dart: It is recommend that 70% of the total time in conversation should be used to have eye contact as well with the speaker/s. It reflects confidence and helps in gaining trust of others too. But liar will not follow such rules. He will either make no eye contact or will continuously stare which makes other uncomfortable.
  3. Overcompensating: The liar will now over explain to make you trust his lie. He may use or explain even the tiny detail which usually is not of such importance. Such over explanation arises suspicion in others. This is not his normal behaviour and anything odd always catches the eye.
  4. Self Comforting Touches: When someone does something good then we appreciate them by giving a pat on the back. Likewise when a liar tells a lie they need a psychological support to keep talking. They will often touch their neck, shoulders, arms, and face. This allows them to believe that their lie can go unnoticed.
  5. Poker Face: While talking with someone we have emotions. These emotions appear on our face too. When we talk of something sad we exhibit sad expressions, when happy we exhibit the same. A liar will try to hide these emotions and will not allow anyone to know what he is thinking. Neutral expression while talking again is suspicious.
Watch the Video

The above said points will help any layman to know more about body gestures. The body never lies and with help of proper information, we can help in preventing any future unseen loss.

To have a better understanding about the concept, watch the same in the video format by clicking on the following link.

How to Catch Liar in 5 Easy Ways

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How to catch liar

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