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Reverse Counting Technique in Hypnosis

Whenever we talk about hypnosis, pendulum and spiral comes into our mind. There is a reason why only these two images come into our mind. Because these two are one of the most famous techniques used in hypnosis. However, there are numerous techniques associated with process of hypnotism. Reverse counting technique in hypnosis is one of those techniques which is very easy to learn and implement. Anyone with good knowledge, experience and expertise in the subject of hypnosis knows how to use the above said technique.

But it is not mandatory that we can use only limited techniques whenever we practice or use hypnosis. We can hypnotise using our hands, eyes, words or even an object. We will understand how can we use the reverse counting technique in hypnosis.

Reverse Counting Technique in Hypnosis

First of all it is very important that you should have an understandable knowledge about hypnosis. Reverse counting technique is more of a technical technique which requires good amount of confidence also. You need to pay attention to every word said by your subject because it will help you to understand how much adjustable your subject actually is.

By following the below points we will have a better understanding about the above said technique :

  • Make Subject Comfortable

It will become convenient for you to carry out hypnosis once your client becomes comfortable. Make them feel relaxed. Allow them to settle down and explain to them about session activity. How hypnosis will help them to become better and which technique we will follow. Doing all this will also help subject to feel that they know what will happen or what is happening.

  • Explain the Technique

Now comes the part where technique needs to be explained. As the name suggests, we have to tell the client that they need to start counting in reverse. It is upon you to start from any number. But the fun part comes next. You need to snap on regular intervals and at every snap tell subject to repeat the said number. For example subject is saying 99, 98, 97 *snaps* 97,96,95, *snaps* 95, 94,93.. You can begin hypnosis at any given point as per your preference.

  • Start Relaxation

Once you have induced hypnosis, relaxation follows. As a hypnotherapist, you have to start progressive relaxation to make subject feel completely mentally relaxed. This exercise is a very great exercise and always helps in feeling good. It is also important for you to know the complete process of progressive relaxation as a therapist.

Watch our Video

We have made a video on the same topic with practical demonstration. With the help of visual technique, process becomes easy to understand and implement. Watch our following video by clicking on the image:


Reverse Counting Hypnosis Technique

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