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Is Hypnosis Legal in India ?

This is by far one of the most asked questions ever. Is hypnosis legal in India? When we talk about hypnosis then a lot of myths and misconceptions surround our mind. In many movies and televised shows, hypnosis is portrayed as some kind of controlling therapy. Even in news numerous incidents of robbery or theft are reported where victim was controlled via hypnosis. Why does this happen with hypnosis only.

Those rumors or misconceptions label hypnosis as bad or unnatural. As a matter of fact, hypnosis is an accepted branch of psychology. Psychology accepts hypnosis as their branch. In fact nowadays, many therapists use hypnosis for quick results. And hypnosis has it’s own historical development. Thus making hypnosis a very interesting subject.

Is Hypnosis Legal in India ?

Before we answer the above question, let us take a quick route towards history of hypnosis. Following points will help us to have better understanding of hypnosis and it’s application.


British Medical Association (BMA) was the first board in the world to legally accept hypnosis. It was accepted as a mode of therapy in overcoming psychosomatic issues.


Again British Medical Association (BMA) proposed and accepted further usage of hypnosis. In 1955, hypnosis was allowed to be used clinically only in certain cases of pain management like child birth and dentistry.


American Medical Association (AMA) accepted legal use of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool in United States of America.


American Psychological Association (APA) accepted hypnosis as a branch of psychology. Hence the subject of hypnosis is of psychologists.


In 1983, World Health Organization (WHO) accepted hypnosis as a therapeutic process world wide.


On 23rd November 2003, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare recommended the use of hypnosis in counseling procedures.

So coming to the actual point. Yes, hypnosis is legal in India. We have to be smart to understand the practical usage of hypnosis. For some unknown reason it is portrayed as some manipulative therapy. Meanwhile many therapist around the world are using hypnosis to bring positive change in lives of thousands and thousands.

Hypnosis is Not a Medical Treatment

Although we can say that hypnosis is able to bring several positive changes in our life. But still it has its own limitations. We can not treat every known psychological or medical problem with hypnosis.

When we talk about psychological issues, we divide them into two categories. They are Psychotic and other one is Neurotic. Let us understand where hypnosis can help us.

Only hypnosis and/or counseling is enough for dealing neurotic issues. But neurotic issues involve add on usage of medicines. So authorized therapists like Psychiatrists are recommended to treat neurotic issues.

A hypnotherapist does not have permission to prescribe medicines. Still hypnosis is very much effective in bringing miraculous changes.

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