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6 Dreams You Should Not Ignore

Dreams play a vital role in our life. When we sleep we experience dreams in our theta state of mind. Our brain experiences different states as per different brain waves. Theta state occurs in our sleep state. During sleep we experience an imaginary world. Sometimes those imaginations convey some messages which turn out to be crucial for our success and development. In this blog we will study about 6 dreams you should not ignore at all.

Ignoring won’t cause us any harm or damage as per say. However it may cause delay in our success and development both mentally and physically. As per our benefit and convenience we can interpret our dreams with correct sense.

Let us know more these dreams which can and will help us to grow and become better than before.

6 Dreams You Should Not Ignore

First of all let us understand something about dreams. They are not fortune telling experience nor they have some magical powers per say. But dreams do tell us something. Whatever we think about throughout the day, we experience the same in our dreams.

Now sometimes we experience a common dream often. Daily or after regular interval we experience the same dream. We call these dreams as recurring dreams. Different psychologists throughout ages have given their own definition for the same. It does not mean that someone is right and other one is wrong. It means that you need to get rid of some particular thought which is causing you some sort of trouble which may be emotionally, mentally or physically. Our subconscious mind is telling us or you can also say is giving us a hint that you need to get rid of this thought with the help of dreams.

Now coming back to the topic. Let us understand about the following dreams which we should not ignore.


If you are Experiencing flight in your dream and if that happens often then it holds a meaning for you. It means that you need to trust yourself that you will get success in whatever project you are working upon at present in real life. Flight indicates that there is will within you of reaching new heights which means you want to be more successful than your present state.  climbing a mountain also represents the same meaning of reaching new success.


Most of us or maybe all of us take bath daily.We take bath because we want to remove dirt and we want to look clean. Water is the universal cleansing agent. Let it be your laundry, Utensils and maybe your vehicle. In our dreams, water also holds the same meaning. There might be some thought or an experience which we constantly think about. Water represents that we need to wash away those negative thoughts which are troubling us. It also means that if by any chance we have developed any insecurity or negative element such as anger, aggression or decisiveness.


Fire is a symbol of heat, warmth and anger. Seeing fire again and on regular basis in your dreams is symbol. It means that we need to burn our anger or aggression which is constantly causing pain not only to us but to those surrounding as well. And it also means that you are missing someone close in your life. It does not mean that it is true however it is your own perception about how you feel about others such as your family and friends. Seeing fire in dreams indicate that you need to get it this perception that you are alone and your family and friends are not close with you.


We have also made a video in which we have explained that why we should not ignore these six particular dreams. Our dreams are not only limited to these six elements, there are many more and we will keep on bringing you more content on the same topic in the future. Watch our video on 6 dreams you should not ignore by clicking on the following image:


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