Importance of Third Eye in Hypnosis

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When we hear the word third eye we imagine an eye in between our eyebrows. Technically if we think about it, it is correct to imagine such way. However why is it said that third eye is found at that region only. Specifically between our eyebrows. This is not just an imaginary theory but in fact it has a scientific explanation behind it. Not only in meditation but there is importance of third eye in hypnosis also. So we will understand today how and why the region between our eyebrows is so important.

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Third Eye Region

Importance of Third Eye in Hypnosis

During 1950s, modern science discovered that the third eye region holds a significant importance in one’s development. This is because of our nervous system. Third eye concept is associated with our psychic abilities. Such abilities which help us spiritually.

The reason why we touch the third eye region during a hypnotherapy session is because it helps in quick deepening of trance. When we touch that region the nerve present there sends a signal to our pineal gland. This gland is responsible for psychic dreams, intuitiveness and similar abilities. The sensation on the nerve gives the message to pineal gland to work faster or you can say to work more significantly to enhance hidden potentials.

As seen in the below image you can see the connection between third eye region and pineal gland:

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Pineal Gland

But most important part to consider is this that this science was known to ancient civilization. Even till now women wear Bindi and men apply Tika in Indian culture. See the below image for reference:

Learn to Activate Third Eye

Indian Hypnosis Academy provides course to activate and use third eye abilities. The course is known as ‘Clinical Psychic Therapy‘. With the activation of third eye you would be able to heal others and self. You will learn to balance chakras which are present within our own self. There are many more abilities ou will learn after this course. To learn more about the course, click here.

Watch the following video to understand the process:

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Importance of Third Eye in Hypnosis

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