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Avoid Using Phone Just After Waking Up

When we wake up in the morning we experience different emotions. That is a fact as we all know. Some of us are very happy on waking up. While some of us may not be that much optimistic after breaking their sleep. Nonetheless, we all wake up eventually. The time of waking up is a natural state of hypnosis. That few minutes is the time where we motivate and inspire our selves. Instead we pick up the phone just after opening our eyes. We all need to avoid using phone just after waking up. Because it hampers our personality and mental attitude. Today we will understand the negative effects of using phones just after waking up

Avoid Using Phone Just After Waking Up

Those of us who wake up with a grumpy mood remain the same throughout the day. They wonder how come other people are happy. And most importantly, how do they remain the same throughout the day. There are many reasons behind it but one of the most important reason is avoiding phone.

We are not saying to avoid phone throughout the day. Phones have become a vital part of our lives. People not only are using it for personal benefits but also for professional advantage. It helps us in staying up to date regarding any business transaction. Phones are vital and will remain the same but they are not everything in our lives.

Now let us understand step by step why using phones after waking up is harmful and hazardous:

Increases Self Criticism

Instead of focusing on our goal and aim, we focus on others. We use phone and check different social media platforms. We do it most importantly to check what is new in lives of others. What new pic has someone uploaded. Which new video is available for my humour or interest. In any condition, we are not focusing on self.

Doing so we become a little jealous of accomplishments of others. It is not noticeable initially. But slowly it makes our personality in that way only. We always feel bad about our life and personality. We feel inferior to those who we check every morning.

It is better and best to check on our self. It will help in shaping our personality into more confident and disciplined one. When we invest the morning time to improve our self then the self critic behaviour starts fading away.

Hampers Decision Making Skills

A good leader is someone who can make a tough decision, if needed. it means they can also make small decisions easily. Such quality is found in those who know what they are doing. They have control over thoughts and emotions. Their each and every step is calculated and planned. They have achieved so by taking control of their actions.

Take example of any successful individual. If possible get information about their morning routine. You will not find them using phones just after waking up. They will plan their day, each and every activity. They prepare a to-do list for systematic usage of their day. This helps them in taking decisions on every step for their betterment.

Using phones just after waking up will hamper the same skill. We become too dependent upon phone and others. We feel we need opinion of others for taking decisions that affect our life. It is not good for our future development.


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