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When Does Hypnosis Not Work?

Hypnosis is effective in swift development of a person. It helps in overcoming several psychological disorders. It also helps in enhancing talent and skill as well. In simple words we can say that hypnosis is useful in all walks of our lives. Despite the effectiveness, sometimes hypnosis is not successful in some scenarios. We should know that when does hypnosis not work. Because not always everything works as per expectations. But what are such conditions where hypnosis doesn’t go as planned. Today we will discuss about 6 such situations.

Why Does Hypnosis Not Work ?

Following situations are responsible for unsuccessful hypnosis:

  1. Unwilling: Hypnosis works only when the patient wants to get hypnotized. No one can hypnotize you against your will or approval. It is not that easy to send someone into trance. The cooperation and acceptance of the patient is mandatory.
  2. Testing: When someone wants to test the hypnotherapist then also it won’t work. For a successful implementation it is important to follow the suggestions and directions of the hypnotherapist. When the focus is not on suggestions but on self thoughts, hypnosis will not go successfully.
  3. Disturbed: It means the impact of certain accident is still fresh in their mind. Mind needs time to get normal and a hypnotherapy session just after the incident is not a good idea. Let mind take its time to settle down a bit and then we can begin with the session to recover and regain self confidence.
  4. Mentally Challenged: A person who is unable to behave normally because they are mentally challenged can not undergo hypnosis. Since they can not control their actions and emotions, it is hard to make them follow certain guidelines. The person needs to be mentally normal to experience hypnosis.
  5. Fearful: This is the fear of hypnotherapy/hypnosis. The reason is very simple in this. Patient thinks that he/she will no longer have control over self. And the hypnotherapist can make them speak any hidden secret. The lack of awareness for the hypnosis is the reason of unsuccessful hypnotism.
  6. Regard for Hypnotherapist: Hypnotherapist may be young or old, fresher or experienced. Whatever their profile is, they are supposed to be taken seriously. Their work is to help you to overcome psychological issues. We hesitate if the therapist is our known. Or when we feel that the fresher or young hypnotherapist might not be able to help us properly.

Enjoy Hypnosis

The points stated above are very important to keep in mind. If we do not follow what is said above then we will for sure enjoy hypnosis. It is not some kind of mind control technique. We can not make any one do anything under hypnosis unless they approve before. No one can make you speak your secrets if you do not wish to share. All the misconceptions prevent a successful hypnosis.

It is a very beautiful and empowering therapy. Using it correctly and with correct process will help us to become more successful. It helps in building our confidence and self esteem and also helps in overcoming fear and phobia. It helps in rebuilding relations along with expanding our thinking pattern towards any particular topic.

Watch the following video for visual clarification:

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When Does Hypnosis Not Work ?

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