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Handwriting Analysis is a powerful tool of having in-depth understanding of behavior and personality for self and/or partner/friend/family. The analysis report includes corrective measures as well. A person can avoid many potential risks only by making correction in one’s behavior by making suitable changes in the handwriting and signature. You need to give one full page written with your natural handwriting and duly signed.

1 Session Fee: INR 2,500/-

Handwriting analysis is another modern form of psychology which identifies personality traits and human character through handwriting.

Personality is how we label the behaviour and character of people.

Studies of psychology states that personality is a subcategory of general psychology.

Personality is a cluster of character traits and the corresponding behaviours based on those character traits.

Handwriting analysis is the quickest way to discover someone’s true personality accurately out of any formal psychological test.

How Handwriting Analysis is done? 


If your handwriting slants to the left, experts suggest that you usually prefer to work alone or behind the scenes.

If your handwriting slants to the right, it shows you are a sociable person who is open to new experiences and loves meeting new people.

If your handwriting is straight and has no slant at all, it means you are practical and logical, and are guarded with emotions.


If there’s wide spacing between letters, it states that you feel lonely and isolated.

If there’s narrow spacing, it states you are close to many people and likes to be in the company of others.

If there’s an unconnected first letter, it shows you’re very observant and likes to pause to weigh up decisions before jumping into anything.

If there’s wide spacing between words, it shows you enjoys freedom and particularly dislikes being overwhelmed.

If there’s narrow spacing between words, it shows you are somewhat intrusive and hates being alone.


If you have large writing, it means you love being a centre of attraction and want to have a spotlight on you.

If you have small writing, it means you are shy, withdrawn, and introspective, but are good and focused at concentrating.

If you have average size writing, it means you’re well-adjusted, grounded, and adaptable to change.


If you have a clear and legible signature, it states there’s no hidden agenda with you and likes to be very confident and comfortable with your skin.

If you have illegible signatures, it means you’re quite hard to read.

If you have an underlined signature, it means you think others are beneath you.


If your writing is of round shape, it means you are artistic and a creative character.

If your writing has pointed letters with small loops, it means you are intense, curious, aggressive, or very intelligent.

If you join up your writing, it means you are pragmatic; meaning you make decisions in a logical, careful, and systematic way.


If you apply high pressure in your writing, it means you’re very dedicated, committed and take things seriously.

And if there’s excessive pressure, it means you don’t take being criticized and are uptight.

If you apply less pressure, it means you have a sensitive personality, probably with a lack of empathy and enthusiasm.

If you are burning holes in your stationery because of quick writing, it means you are impatient and don’t like time-wasters at all.

If you are a slow writer, it means you have a methodical personality.

Handwriting Analysis and Therapy 

Handwriting has various components to it, including visual perceptual and fine motor skills.

In therapy, a handwriting expert works on the underlying causes of the problem, they won’t work on handwriting. But works on the concern why they gave poor handwriting such as pressure, slant, stroke, grip, size, etc.

The grips are static tripod, dynamic tripod, quadruped, adapted tripod, digital pronated, gross grasp, thumb tuck, digital pronated, thumb rap, and tripod with closed webspace.

An expert handwriting analyst discovers the person’s personality just by looking at handwriting.

That’s what also graphology is about-study and analysis of handwriting specifically relating to human psychology.

You can use your handwriting to improve life  by yourself, as handwriting originates in the cerebral cortex of the brain.

By changing your handwriting deliberately, you can change limiting behaviour and attitudes.


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