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Tarot cards have become popular because of their proven utility. They give strong indications about one’s past, current and future life situations. Answers for specific questions can be explored with the cards. Tarot cards utilize unlimited cosmic power by communicating through one’s mind. Reading can be done from a distant place as well.

1 Session Fee: INR 5,000/- (4 Questions allowed in 1 session)
INR 250/- extra per question

Tarot card reading is cartomancy form where practitioners use the tarot cards to gain the insights from present, past, or future.

They formulate a question, then read the cards that interpret them for this end. A regular tarot deck consists of 78 cards, that splits into a group of two, i.e., the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

French-suited playing cards can also be used as any card system, with suits assigned to the identifiable elements. (e.g., earth, air, fire, water).

As the thirst for all things spiritual, mystical, occult, and witchy expands to the mainstream, tarot cards experience a huge cultish following.

Tarot cards are a form of divination that means working with a divine, or your higher self—the ultimate purpose of tarot cards, similar to yoga.

Why is Tarot Card Reading Started? 

Tarot is an essence a soul map, i.e., a deep psychological guide to self empowered as imaged through 78 symbolic cards.

Tarot card reading has surpassed the chintzy, neon “Fortune Teller”  sign shopfront stereotype that gives tarot a bad name and should be neglected.

A scholarly research indicates the cards originated in Italy in the 1500s where they were used as a game to play, called Tarocchi by the very wealthy.

Until the 18th century, they weren’t interpreted for spiritual divination. There were schools where tarot card meanings were taught, and giant communities with thousands of Tarosophists, who meet online and at conventions around the world.

How does Tarot card Work? 

The process of tarot card reading is known as synchronicity, a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung to describe the temporary coincidence of event occurrences.

In synchronicity, there is no distinction between outer and inner. The card choice is already what your higher self knows.

That’s what a tarot occultist calls the conversations with your higher self.

These cards always work.

Tarot cards are a sacred mirror, it isn’t magic.

Types of Decks 

There are thousands of tarot decks to be chosen, from Hello Kitty to Zombies.

A traditional deck has 22 Major Arcana that are the archetypal images.

There are 56 Minor Arcana cards, 16 court or personality cards-the Kings, Queens, Princes and Pages, similar to modern playing cards.

There are four elements or suits, i.e., Fire, Earth, Water, and Air, with having 10 cards in each, and have no inherent negative cards.

There are many ways to work with the deck. You have to decide your deck by being drawn to it.

Layers of systems are to learn including Kabbalah, colour scales, the tree of life, Hebrew letters, numerology, symbolism, alchemy, pathways, astrology, mythology, and learning to meditate with each card directly.

The more layers you will learn, the deeper your knowledge and insight will be into Tarot Card meanings.

How Tarot Card Reading is associated with Mental Health 

Tarot card reading is just like interpreting dreams. In psychology, dreams continue to be a mysterious and elusive case that we can’t identify yet.

There are multiple theories of what happens next when you dream and from where they occur. Tarot card reading appears from a similar perspective.

When you are in an uncertain state, it generates anxiety, disbalance, or mood swings automatically.

In such conditions, tarot card reading gives a sense of control and agency, knowing the irrespective of good or bad outcomes, then the person will have the space to prepare themself from what’s about to come.

Meanwhile, most therapists don’t use tarot card therapy in their sessions. They consider it as another separate profession.

As a psychotherapist, they consider their sole job as to use their tools to empower person in finding their way. That’s what their main objective is.

You have to work with cards to become familiar with them, but none of us can be objective totally, as we all have some blind spots.

Consult an experienced professional whom you can trust.

Modern serious ethical and authentic tarot readers are not mind readers or “fortune-tellers”.

Real tarot reading has now become a therapeutic process to gain valuable insights.

A good tarot reading will affirm your intuition and opens up more queries and options as a part of therapy procedure, so be discerned when you choose a reader.


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