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Sometimes roots of the problem are not found in current life of the person. It may be because of the triggered effect of the primitive lives of the person. Such issues can be corrected with the use of Past Life Regression Therapy.

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Past life regression is a general form of hypnotherapy that takes an individual back through time to their previous incarnation of lives by accessing experiences and memories  that are hidden in a person’s subconscious mind.

Today, life is so busy and noisy that memories are usually concealed beneath the noise of daily thoughts.

These past life regression therapy sessions guide you out of the mouse and in a deeply quiet and peaceful state where it’s easier to locate the memories held in your mind.

How Past Life Regression Therapy Helps? 

Past life regression therapy helps the person to:

  • Understand why you feel connected with certain places.
  • Reconnect with past life experiences.
  • Explore your past and current life soulmate experiences.
  • Identifying physical ailments you have that might be the remnants into this lifetime, creating beliefs or past times that you can’t explain.
  • Embrace and acknowledge the key lessons you learned in that life.

Therefore, past life regression therapy assumes the reincarnation reality.

Because of this assumption, practitioners believe that various mental disorders can be treated through addressing the events that an individual went through before they were born in the current life.

Mainstream psychiatry has rejected this assumption. Meanwhile, some high-profile practitioners in the field upheld the past life regression therapy and incorporated it in medical practice as a therapeutic technique.

Is Past Life Regression Therapy Right For You? 

Belief in Reincarnation 

It is a right choice for you if you believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation itself is a religion, belief, or even a philosophy of an animal, person, or a living thing to be reborn.

Even though reincarnation by itself is a belief, and is also a part of major religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, or Jainism.

Believing in reincarnation is one of the determination of a positive past life regression therapy experience. After all, this therapy is all about retrieving past life memories from the subconscious mind.

If you don’t believe in the possibility of rebirth, then it  might be difficult for you to accept and internalize your memory.

If you have no belief in reincarnation, past life regression therapy will be confusing for you.

Inexplicable Physical or Mental Block 

If you have an inexplicable mental or physical block, then you can consider past life regression therapy.

Most people try this because of the problems they experience in their lives. These maybe things like chronic pain without any physical reason, fears without negative experiences, or patterns that disrupt their life.

In such cases, it is essential to look at earlier life experiences. Stick emotions or childhood traumas manifest it physically or mentally.

If you had traumatic life experiences in the past, the source of issues may lay there. In such a case, past life regression doesn’t bring the results of relief as expected, you might get disappointed.

Before considering past life regression therapy as a solution to your life issue, review your earlier life experiences.

In other cases, past life regression may be what you are looking for. If you have mental and physical blocks, but don’t have adverse effects from your past, then it may be time for you to explore your real past.

Or in some cases, just becoming aware or remembering a past life brings a significant relief.

Belief in Power of Subconscious Mind 

One of the most effective methods for therapy of past life regression is hypnosis.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that is achieved by deep physical relaxation, focus in mind, and mental calmness.

The successful tools in hypnosis are few elements such as rapport in practitioner, belief in hypnosis and open to change.

If you don’t believe in hypnosis, you will not be able to get the best past life regression therapy with hypnosis.

You will find yourself questioning the methods in every step that interfere with the idea of diving deeper in the subconscious mind.

Even if past life regression is the right choice or not, you should remember that if you want to do these sessions just to identify whether it is real or not, then it may not give you the best results.

After all, there’s no proof for unexplained phenomena. As it applies to every hypnotherapy session, come with curiosity, open mind, and willingness to learn and accept more about yourself.

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