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E-Foundation Hypnosis Course

2 days
All levels
44 lessons
0 quizzes
14 students

Amount: INR 10,000/- (including 1 hour of video class for 4 days)

INR 10,000/- (excluding video class)



This is a basic course on Clinical Hypnotherapy. It provides an opportunity to know about hypnosis and the scientific application of hypnosis for self and others. A complete description of various steps and sub-steps of hypnosis & self-hypnosis is taught in this course. Hypnosis is a science performed artistically. The students are provided a manual for the complete course for their study and reference purpose.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Historical Development of Hypnosis and its applications
  • Functioning and Rules of Mind
  • How to Start Hypnosis with the Client
  • Different Techniques of Inducing Hypnosis such as Techniques for First Time Induction, Techniques for Subsequent Sessions, Techniques for Analytical People, Fast Induction Techniques, Instant Induction Techniques
  • Understanding about Different Levels of Trance
  • Indicators of Hypnosis
  • Skills of Deepening Trance
  • The wording of effective Suggestions
  • Techniques for Preparing Triggers
  • Post Hypnosis Activities
  • Concept of Self Hypnosis
  • Brain Waves and States of Consciousness
  • Techniques of Relaxation
  • Techniques of Self Hypnosis
  • How to Prepare Protection Shield
  • Code of Ethics


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