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Trataka is an ancient technique of meditation. It comes under “Hath yoga”. This is a powerful technique to enhance concentration, memory and self discipline. This is the only technique that can be done under disturbed state of mind. People have lots of misconceptions regarding trataka. The course material is covered under 21 chapters including introduction and evaluation

Objective of the course

  • Clarify concept and related key facts about trataka.
  • Educate about pre trataka preparations
  • Different techniques of trataka
  • Process of doing inner trataka
  • How to use trataka as a healing tool and a spiritual devise
  • Necessary precautions

Expected Outcome: The students shall

  • Develop clarity over the prevalent myths about hypnosis.
  • Become familiar with advantages and uses of trataka
  • Know concept and steps of the techniques of trataka
  • Know about necessary precautions regarding trataka
  • Become familiar application of trataka

Subject Matter:

  1. Introduction of the course
  2. Key facts about Trataka
  3. Posture and Time of Trataka
  4. PreTrataka Activities
  5. Communication Pattern During Trataka
  6. Techniques of Trataka
  7. Whole Objects
    • Specific Points
    • Vibrating Objects
    • Illusion Creating Objects
    • Body Image / Shadow
    • Plain Surface
  8. Inner Trataka
  9. Precautions
  10. Manifestation and Self Development
  11. Healing
  12. Psychic Guidance
  13. Remote Connectivity
  14. Spiritual Connections and Examination


  1. The students are given a compete manual in PDF format.
  2. Trataka inculcates discipline to achieve its objectives. It is a time consuming activity and not a rapid solution device.
  3. Regularity and dedication are necessary for the desired results.

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