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Theta healing has come as a blessing for humanity. It is not bound by the limits of time and distance. Issues related to one’s habits, potential partnership, mind healing and psychosomatic disorders are healed with the grace of supreme consciousness. Theta healing can be done at a distant place as well.

1 Session Fee: INR 5,000/-

Theta Healing is a healing method that was created in 1995 by Viamma Stibal during her personal journey of healing from a leg tumour.

According to Viamma Stibal, this method is a technique of meditation and a spiritual philosophy which is not for specifically one religion, but recognizes all of them to become closer with the Creator.

This training is done for the body, mind, and spirit, and gives one the ability to get rid of limiting beliefs and live a life with positive thoughts through meditation and prayers.

This method is taught to be used in correlation with conventional medicine, and it helps one in learning how they can use their intuition by relying on the unconditional love of the Creator to do his work.

Theta Healing philosophy is to live, train, and coach our mind, body, and spirit through the concept of 7 Planes of Existence.

How Theta Healing Works? 

According to Viamma Stibal, the purpose of this teaching is to bring your brain to a deep state known as theta and through it to renew a link with the Creator.

It allows you to learn how you can build your own reality and how everything that happens in life has some purpose.

Our brain has 5 basic frequencies, i.e., Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. We usually use one at a time.

Meanwhile, one frequency tends to be dominant, as per the situation.

In the phase of deep meditation, sleep, or hypnosis, the dominant wave is the Theta one.

Scientists have concluded that this frequency can lower stress and anxiety, will lead to deep relaxation, increase euphoria, enhance mental clarity and creativity, and minimize ache.

During Theta Healing, the brain enters this wave in minutes and the individual works with the God, Creator, or the Universe (depending on One’s beliefs).

Benefits of Theta Healing 

#1 Spiritual Growth: Theta healing helps in improving religious journey. Through this, you connect and communicate with the Creator directly.

Your energy will increase your spiritual growth in all aspects.

#2 Emotional Healing 

Through theta healing, you release your negative emotions. Your negative emotions are cleared and that transforms your life positively.

Practitioners use theta healing to identify the root cause of problems and solve them using source energy.

#3 Creativity 

Theta healing removes the blockages and obstacles that evades your creative energy.

With deep healing, your creative energy will flow freely and emit outside for others to experience it.

#4 Realizing your true purpose 

Theta healing practitioner helps in realizing the truth and identifying its real purpose.

With source energy, you will connect the dots and clear the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals.

You will be able to transform yourself into a new reality after having a theta healing session.

Is Theta Healing Right for You? 

By learning more about the advantages this technique offers, you can easily identify whether it’s a good choice for you or not. Let’s have a look:

  • Puts an end to fears and phobias
  • Reveals creative potentials of a person
  • Frees you from habits and addictions
  • Makes your spiritual connection deep
  • Aids you to attain personal freedom
  • Helps you to be healthier and feel well
  • Heals physical illness
  • Assists in becoming more confident
  • Treats emotional problems and trauma
  • Manifests your goals and dreams
  • Shows you how to find your soulmate
  • Unlocks your genius potentials
  • Reveals your perfect career
  • Creates abundance and wealth.

No doubt, if you want to make changes in your life, Theta Healing will be advantageous for you.

You may also get help in ways you never thought of. The most beneficial fact about it is that it gives you the power to make your life what you want it to.

Needless to say, this technique is considered to help people in resolving their physical and emotional struggles.

It teaches them to connect the unconscious and conscious self with the purpose to acquire a better quality of life by aligning their desires and thoughts with their life experience.

These sessions are becoming more popular because of its ongoing positive testimonials and the capacity to bring your body, mind, and spirit to the next level.

What’s more, by assisting you to get rid of these thinking patterns will make you I’ll or form the barriers with family and friends.

This method purifies the mind, elevates your freedom and power, and harmonizes your life.


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