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Duration: 2 Workiong Days

Amount: INR 35,000/- (inclusive accommodation and logistics) – 18% GST Applicable

INR 20,000/- (exclusive accommodation and logistics) – 18% GST Applicable


Self-Hypnosis is a powerful tool to program mind and affect our behaviour in different walks of life. The course focuses upon empowering the learners with techniques of developing hypnotic attitude and with powerful techniques of attaining state of deep relaxation along with scientific techniques of self-hypnosis. It clarifies different notions about self-hypnosis and effective ways of using self-hypnosis for self-development.

The course includes following subject matter:

  • Concept of Self-Hypnosis
  • Brain Waves and Levels of Consciousness
  • Techniques of Developing Hypnotic Attitude
  • Techniques of Relaxation and Deepening
  • How to Word Effective Suggestions for Self-Hypnosis
  • Techniques of Self-Hypnosis
  • Process of Developing Psychic Protection

Scheme of the Course:

  1. The students invest time in three modes, i.e., classroom sessions, reading and learning after the training course, and practicing the skill in the field.
  2. The classroom studies include input sessions, demos, and practice sessions.
  3. Debriefing is provided after each practice or demo session for clarification and consolidation of the concepts and processes.
  4. The students are provided reading and learning material for further in-depth knowledge and understanding of concepts and processes.
  5. The students are provided supervisory support to seek guidance for sharpening their skills while practicing independently in the field over a period of three months.
  6. The students are helped to prepare a plan of action after the training classes.
  7. The Academy makes online support available to the students for the stated period and beyond.
  8. The Certification for all the courses will be awarded.

You might have been wondering to learn more about self-hypnosis or in some terms’ autohypnosis, and wondering if you can do hypnosis on your own.

It has proven very useful to help with the numerous ailments in scientific research and clinical practice.

You might have done a good research of self-hypnosis, or learned about it.

This article will help you know more about it and if it can be dangerous for you or not.

What is Self-hypnosis? 

Self-hypnosis works as a powerful self-development tool.

It allows the person to lead themselves in the same trance-like state.

If you were absorbed by looking at the waves or a fireplace, you can carefully craft the suggestions to know your subconscious mind, how you can deal with stress, liberate yourself from limiting beliefs, and adverse emotions.

How Can Self-hypnosis Help You? 

Self-hypnosis will help you in most ways, mostly it includes:

  • Lose-weight
  • Quit Smoking
  • Fight addictions
  • Reduce Anxiety
  • Cope with Stress
  • Defeat fears and phobias
  • Reduce Pain
  • Sleep better
  • Aid your self-growth

Lose Weight: As per study shown, self-hypnosis helps in weight loss even in morbidly obese individuals.

If you have type 2 diabetes, practising autohypnosis is found to be more helpful in reducing weight and then a consultation from a certified diabetes educator.

Quit Smoking: Self-hypnosis is effective to insist people, trying to let them stop smoking, both as standalone treatment as well as a supporting complementary.

Fight Addictions: Self-hypnosis has another advantage that deals with the addiction of drug and alcohol, internet addiction, gambling, and other forms of the addictive behaviour.

Reduce Anxiety: Self-hypnosis helps in reducing anxiety, either in  general or anxiety related to work, relationship, or education.

Moreover, it also helps in dealing with certain anxiety manifestations, like irritable bowel syndrome.

Cope with Stress: You can perform self-hypnosis to manage both the emotional trauma and acute tension.

Studies have demonstrated the power of the technique to reduce stress even for patients having cancer.

Defeat fears and phobias: Self-hypnosis is a powerful tool to set yourself free from different phobias and fears such as agoraphobia, flying (airline) phobia, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, needle phobia, or fear of dentists.

Reduce Pain: If you know how to practice self-hypnosis, it will be very helpful for you.

It is useful in reducing chronic pain that can make your life miserable,  or relieving acute pain, like  pain during childbirth.

Sleep Better: Learning how to enter the relaxed state of self-hypnosis along with combined power of suggestions, self-hypnosis will help you in tackling the sleep disturbances and to get a good night’s sleep.

Aid your Self-growth: The process of self-hypnosis allows us to limit our beliefs for dissolving and replacing them with new, empowering ones.

That’s the reason, this technique is a vessel towards personal growth, and well-being.

Tips to Improve Self-Hypnosis 

Have a goal in mind: Ensure to have a goal in mind, such as lowering stress. It will make each session focused and productive.

Scheduled time for self-hypnosis: It should be performed during the day, or at night before sleep.

Keep up practice: With practice and instruction, you will learn quickly and enter a trance-like state.

Furthermore, you will learn a range of hypnotic suggestions to improve outcomes.

Is Self-Hypnosis Dangerous? 

Self-hypnosis is a legitimate tool that is used in clinical as well as non-clinical psychology. Meanwhile, as with any other technique, it is also recommended to do caution.

A lack of experience is the most common reason to experience the undesirable consequence of self-hypnosis.

When you make your subconscious mind work, you allow potentially traumatic and painful memories and thoughts to surface.

Stay prepared while tackling them and when they appear.

You will unwontedly lead yourself to feel worse than before you perform self-hypnosis by phrasing the suggestions in the wrong way.

These potential dangers of self-hypnosis are the reason it is better to consult a hypnotherapist first.

A professional hypnotherapist will help you in planning self-hypnotic sessions, so they can be safe and beneficial.

Although, self-hypnosis is an invaluable tool on your path that leads towards personal development and wellbeing.

It can also help you in addressing the existing disturbances, limiting beliefs, blockages, and setbacks.

Be prepared while tackling it and conditions it can lead you towards, or consult a hypnotherapist first to avoid any harm to yourself.

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