Contact Class: 1 Working Day

Fee: INR 8,000/- (No accommodation and logistics are provided in this course) – 18% GST Applicable

Subject Matter:

  1. Handwriting Analysis considering: Spacing, Slant, Margin, Size of Letters, Inclination, Zones, Formation of Letters, Loop, Pressure, Decoration and Distortion of Letters
  2. Signature Analysis
  3. Application of Graphology: Job selection; Understanding State of Mind, Personality, Suggestibility, Sexuality; Suitability for partnership or marriage etc.
  4. Precautions

Graphology is basically an inference of character from the handwriting of a person.

The underlying theory of graphology is that handwriting is an expression of personality, i.e., a systematic analysis of the way letters and words are formed and reveals the traits of personality.

Graphologists note such elements to know about the personality of a person.

But what’s the use of graphology, it’s qualifications, and how it affects the brain? Read further to know more about it.

What is Graphology? 

The study of physical characteristics and patterns of a person’s handwriting is termed as graphology.

Graphologists use their skills to analyse the genetic characteristics of a person and their traits, behaviour, and thought patterns.

They observe things such as curve length on lines, spacing, impression on the paper, and more, to analyse the behaviour of a person.

To pursue this field, one can choose from different prospects as a handwriting analyst, forensic psychologist, criminologist, child psychologist, etc.

What’s the Use of Graphology? 

Learning the complexity of this field, you can efficiently analyse any handwritten note and understand the writer’s mental state while curating it.

As it focuses on the handwriting, graphology incorporates the psychology analysis.

The day-to-day tasks of graphologists vary according to the sector they are working in.

The following points upon the responsibilities and needs that one needs to fulfil while working in the graphology field:

  • Analysis of handwriting samples of different people
  • Through calibrated templates, magnifying glasses and microscopes to assess both the height of letters and the angle and degree of slant in a person’s handwriting.
  • To identify how much pressure, a writer is utilizing to analyse the emotional energy of a person.
  • Using graphological theories to know their findings.

How do handwriting  affect the brain? 

Handwriting impacts the brain. The brain sends the message to the hand to form the strokes that reveal how we think, reveal who we are, how we feel, behave, and what are our likes and dislikes.

When a person writes, each pen strokes their personality, that not only reflects the personality but also reinforces it.

For example, a particular stroke in handwriting can also reveal if you are stubborn. If you often stroke, you will improve your stubbornness.

Brachytherapy in Graphology 

The branch of handwriting analysis is called brachytherapy. You can use handwriting to make things better for yourself.

As your handwriting originates in the cerebral cortex of the brain, through changing your handwriting deliberately, you can change your limiting attitudes and behaviour.

This curative offshoot of graphology is termed as a graph therapy, meaning to make the conscious change in your handwriting you bring about the required subconscious within yourself.

It identifies the blocks that are eliminated by making the changes in the handwriting.

All that is required is to practice the exercise of handwriting in particular ways for 30 days straight.

Graph Therapy Exercise 

A graph therapy removes the self-sabotaging attitudes and traits.

It helps the person to deal with roadblocks, such as problems in marital relationships, lack of concentration, depression, sexual issues, and self-esteem problems.

If you do handwriting exercises regularly, science has the power to change your life drastically. And that’s not an overstatement.

A kind of small handwriting analysis quiz can help you know more about graphology.

How does Graphology aid Psychologists? 

When graphology helps in identifying the personality of a person through handwriting, the job of psychologists is to know the person in depth to check his/her psychological condition.

Therapists whether psychiatrist or graphologist, they evaluate, analyse, and treat the mental issues of a person and the social dysfunctions that comes about as they identified with psychological and physical well-being.

Through applying the method of graph therapy, you can solve the issues of the other person, such as his likes, dislikes, lack of concentration, anger issues, etc.

Most people are now aware of this and in the upcoming days, soon it will change the life of people in large amounts.

If you want to know what your writing says about yourself,  apply graphology and graph theory methods, or consult a professional Graphotherapist.


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