LIVE Hypnosis Technique

Hypnosis is a healing therapy which is very old and highly effective. The usage of hypnotherapy is in practice for centuries. Therapists around the globe use hypnosis to bring positive and successful change in people’s lives. Many hypnotherapist are using hypnosis for a very long time and with passing of every day, new techniques are added. There are several techniques and today you will see a live hypnosis technique.

Live Hypnosis Technique

Today we will understand about a technique which involves our hands. Hypnotherapist may also use this technique in instant hypnosis procedure. The process of this technique is as follow:

  1. Hands play the major role of both therapist and patient.
  2. Hypnotherapist will ask the patient to rise their both hands up in front of their face and maintain some distance.
  3. Then the healer will keep his one hand in the space of two hands.
  4. From here the therapist will use suggestions to bring both hands close to each other.
  5. The patient will keep their eyes closed and the hand of therapist will be used as magnet with help of suggestions again.
  6. Slowly when the hands will come close, the induction will happen smoothly.

To understand the technique more clearly, watch the following video.

LIVE Hypnosis Technique

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Live Hypnosis Technique

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