Do you sometimes feel that there is something wrong with you. You do not feel comfortable and are worried some disease is causing you trouble. However in real there is no such disease in your body. That condition is known as ‘Hypochondriasis’. In this condition we experience that we are going through some physical illness but in real there are no symptoms of so called disease.

Understand Hypochondriasis

In order to control this, we need to understand the concept of Hypochondria. It is a belief we make up in our mind regarding some disease or illness. It does not mean it is happening in real but our conviction is so strong towards it that we react like a sick or an ill person. Disease or issue maybe like depression, fever, stress, cough, cancer, aids, and many more.

This state makes us to believe the condition so firmly that we just want to see something positive towards presence of disease in the body. A person may even conduct several medical tests just to prove the disease is present in the body. When reports fail to support the presence the patient is not convinced by it and will go somewhere else.

This is what hypochondriasis makes a person to suffer. They always live in fear and stress. They stay surrounded by negative thoughts which harm their mental health.

How to Control Hypochondriasis ?

Following steps will help us in taking good control of our life:

  1. Healthy lifestyle allows a person to think healthy. Getting a good night sleep and waking up on time along with sleeping on time helps. A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Our sleeping habits, exercise and good food makes us more positive and confident about self.
  2. Keep your company filled with positive people. It will help you to think good about self as they will talk to you in positive and motivating way.  Bad or negative people around you will fill your head with negativity.
  3. Join a hobby class and enhance your skill in your loved activity. It may be any hobby but the happiness in doing what you love will give your motivation and joy. The smile and always positive mentality will be too busy to think about hypochondria.

Similar steps will help anyone who has any symptom which may lead to hypochondirasis. Best way is to talk with someone and get a good grip over your thoughts. Watch the following video to understand the concept:

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How Hypnosis Can Help ?

Hypnosis is a great tool in overcoming several psychological issues. Using hypnosis also we can control this misconception and help the patient to think positive again. To know more about hypnosis, click here.


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