How to Sleep Again After Waking Up

There have been several instances with all of us of waking up in the middle of sleep, specially during night. This happens with almost all of us. And after waking up we find it hard to go to sleep again. No matter how hard we try, we find it next to impossible to sleep. But it doesn’t mean that we can not sleep again. How to sleep again after waking up will be the discussion of this blog.

How to Sleep Again After Waking Up

Before we discuss about going to sleep again we need to understand the reasons behind this activity. Following are the two most common reasons behind waking up at night :

  1. Drinking liquids before Sleeping: It is recommended to have dinner 2 hours prior to sleep. Those 2 hours will take care of any washroom need. Because mostly we wake up with the need of going to washroom. To avoid waking up, avoid consumption of liquid before sleep. Also consume light dinner as it will keep your stomach light and lightness helps in sound sleep.
  2. Stressful Sleep: The thoughts we carry to sleep helps in the particular sleep pattern for the night. Happy & positive thoughts help in having a good sleep whereas negative & stressful thoughts will cause a disturbed sleep pattern. Stress happens because we worry for the future as we do not plan our next day. Start preparing schedule for next day before going to sleep. It will help you in becoming more disciplined and will help you get sound sleep without interference.

What to DO Now

When you are facing disturbed sleep then you can do one simple activity to make you fall asleep again within seconds. Here you do not have to think about going to sleep. You just need to pretend that you are sleeping. Because when you fake it, you make it. Keep your eyes closed and feel your breaths. No matter how active you feel just keep your eyes closed.

Follow this routine whenever you awake from your sleep. This will allow you to have better command over your sleep and will also help in good control over your thoughts.

To understand this concept more, watch the following video:

How to Sleep Again After Waking Up

Hypnosis also helps one to get good sleep. It helps in strengthening the thought process which eventually help in thinking positively specially towards sleep.

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