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Self Treatment of Depression

Depression is a severe negative state of mind. During that phase we are unable to do something productive. Our whole day usually goes in being sad or doing nothing at all. We feel that occurrence and treatment of depression is out of our control. But that is not at all true. Whatever happens to us is our responsibility. If depression can come then it can go out too. We can our own self do that. In this blog we will learn the self treatment of depression.

What We Feel in Depression ?

There are certain emotions we experience during depression:

  1. Worthlessness: The person feels that they can not do anything and they are good for nothing. Self respect and self love is very much deteriorated.  Our mind tries hard to recover but negative thoughts are beyond our control.
  2. Guilt & Anxiety: Depression arises because of negative thoughts. They occur majorly for two reasons – when we have not come out of our past or when we worry too much about future possibility. In either of the situation, our mind will develop strong negative vibes.
  3. Procrastination: Mind & body both become lazy. We become so commitment phobic that we say no to every work. Even if that work is important to us, we will not deliver on time or we will delay it for future.

Like above, there are several similar emotions felt by us during depression. As said earlier depression is not permanent. Like everything else in this world it is also temporary. With proper guidance and knowledge we can overcome this state of mind.

Self Treatment of Depression

Following is the list of few self treatment for depression:

  1. 1 Minute Challenge: You have 24 hours in a day and out of those you have to take out just one minute for a small task. The task doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated. It can be any task which may take around 1 minute. But the completion of task on daily basis is essentially required. With this, mind starts becoming optimistic and positive for commitments.
  2. Writing Therapy: This therapy needs you to write down your thoughts. All negative thoughts no matter how harsh and brutal should be penned down. Writing these thoughts will lighten up the mind from such negative thoughts. They are vented out by this and nothing is stored in our mind. Slowly practicing this therapy will enable mind to think more happy and less negative thoughts.
  3. Physical Activities: A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Proper workout of our mind will help us to inhale more oxygen and will keep us energetic. Such healthy and active body will think about doing task instantly. Laziness will not be given any room and so no room for negativity either.

Bonus Point

  • Guided Meditation/Hypnosis: A person should not do any self hypnosis or self meditation during the depressive state of mind. Since they have no control over their thoughts, negativity will again surround the mind. They should instead go for guided hypnotherapy or guided meditation. The therapist will have control over thoughts during the process. They help in slowly eliminating negativity.

To understand the concept of self treatment more clearly, watch the following video:

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