Lesson: 21

Medium: Hindi and English (can choose any of them)

Fee: INR 1000+GST= 1180/- (One Thousand One Hundred and Eighty only)


  • A Unique Registration Number is issued immediately for the course to each student after receipt of the fee.
  • The material is made available in PDF Formats through social media tools like WhatsApp.
  • One lesson is sent on a day
  • The students may opt for certification after successful completion of the course, details of which shall be sent in the last lesson.

How to Make Payment

Payment can be made online on the website or by Paytm

Lesson-wise Subject Matter:

  1. Introduction of the Course
  2. Historical Development and Legal Status of Hypnosis
  3. Myths and Reality about Hypnosis
  4. Golden Rules of Mind
  5. Concept and Laws of Self Hypnosis
  6. Steps of Self Hypnosis
  7. Techniques of Developing Hypnotic Attitude
  8. Techniques of Developing Concentration
  9. Techniques of Relaxation
  10. How to Develop Miraculous Suggestions for Self Hypnosis
  11. How to Program Mind
  12. How to Wake up from Self Hypnosis
  13. How to Create Protective Shield
  14. Complete Session of Self Hypnosis
  15. Precautions and Necessary Guidelines for Self Hypnosis
  16. Scope of Self Hypnosis
  17. Self Hypnosis for Self-Improvement
  18. Self Hypnosis for Insomnia
  19. Self Hypnosis for Good Health/Obese
  20. Self Hypnosis for Effective Studies
  21. Examination and Certification

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