The course shall provide opportunity to not only know the technique of using eyes as tool to induce hypnosis but also the concept and process of hypnosis in logical coherence. The entire course material comprises of 21 chapters inclusive of the chapters of introduction and examination.

Objectives of the Course

  • To familiarize the students with the concept of hypnosis and process of using eyes as tool to induce hypnosis.
  • To wash out the prevalent misconceptions about concept and use of hypnosis.

Expected Outcome: The students shall

  • Understand historical development of hypnosis so far
  • Develop clarity over the prevalent myths about hypnosis.
  • Become familiar with guiding rules rules of mind
  • Know concept and steps of hypnosis
  • Learn to use eyes as a tool to induce hypnosis
  • Become familiar with deepening process
  • Be equipped with the wording of suggestions
  • Know about programming of mind
  • Know how to wake up from hypnosis

Subject Matter:

  1. Introduction of the Course
  2. Historical Development
  3. Myths and Reality about use of eyes in hypnosis
  4. Rules of Mind
  5. Concept and Steps of Hypnosis with eyes
  6. Hypnotic conditions created in eye based induction
  7. Precautions
  8. Rules of Induction
  9. Calming down the mind
  10. Mind Programming
  11. Scope of Hypnosis
  12. Ethical issues and Examination


  1. Hypnosis is a science, follow steps and precautions
  2. Practice is the key


2 Working Days


INR 15,000/- (18% GST Applicable)


4 Days


INR 10,000/ - (18% GST Applicable)