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Welcome to Indian Hypnosis Academy Study!

Hypnosis is the science of using the power of the sub-conscious mind for identifying and developing human credentials. Hypnosis has been used for different purposes for different people; hence, its utility has also been perceived and interpreted differently by different people. Of late, it has attracted a number of research scholars across the globe to understand minute intricacies of mind and apply them through different associated modalities to facilitate the human empowerment process.

Indian Hypnosis Academy (IHA) is working to take benefits of the Science of Mind, Body and Spirit to the masses.

Mission :

To take the unlimited benefits of Hypnosis to the masses for collective Peace and Prosperity on the mother earth.

Academy Stands For :

Imparting education at par with the best in the world for learning and application of Hypnosis for healthy living.

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  • Enabling people to live life to unlimited potentials
  • Providing an opportunity for introspection, exploration and self-expression.
  • Simplifying life with divinity

Code Of Ethics :

The Indian Hypnosis Academy (IHA) values capability, integrity, confidentiality and autonomy of each individual without any discrimination. Similarly, the organisation has strong conviction that learning is an endless phenomenon. Hence, the therapists and teachers, like anybody else, should always continue enriching their know-how level and skill and work towards the elevation of the status of the profession.

However, following the code of ethics of the organisation have been formed with the openness to develop the same as per need arises. But in any case, there shall be no compromise on the code of ethics.

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  • Provide equal services to the clients and students without any discrimination of colour, caste, creed, language, nationality, gender, age, disability, socio-politico-economic status, or whatever.
  • Always conduct hypnotherapy sessions in a professional manner and in a professional setting solely within the areas of your competence.
  • Ensure safe and secure environment to the client and the person accompanying.
  • Make all necessary information about treatment accessible to the client, and also about your qualification and skill upon request.
  • Take all reasonable steps to avoid harm to the client as a result of the therapeutic process.
  • Uphold the dignity of the client at all times.
  • Respect integrity of the client and students. Take prior permission from the client for making any physical touch with the client for induction and deepening purposes to avoid any misinterpretation.
  • Protect and uphold client confidentiality, however, the information may be made accessible to the relevant authorities for developmental or curative use.
  • Maintain only professional contact with the client or student during therapy or teaching class.
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  • Take written permission from the client or his legal guardian/s for either recording (audio or video) client sessions for using the same for research, demonstration, teaching or any other such purposes.
  • Never allow anyone to observe the client except the therapist without the consent of the client. It includes direct observation and through any form of audio or visual means.
  • Maintain very high professional respect for other therapists or organisations involved in similar work for the elevation of the profession.
  • Maintain the standards of the profession with the latest available developments in the field.
  • Provide referrals to other qualified professionals as and when required considering interest of the client
  • Respect other modes of treatment and healing, never conflict with other modalities.
  • Do not advertise or display any false or misleading information about yourself and the modality.
  • Do not continue to practice when its functioning is impaired due to personal or emotional difficulties, illness, alcohol or any other reason.
  • Maintain the standard of teaching and healing at par with the international standards.

Our Faculty

[mk_image heading_title=”Dr. A J Ansari” src=”http://webtesting.guru/iha/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/dr.-a-j-ansari.jpg” image_size=”medium” lightbox=”true” frame_style=”border_shadow” title=”Dr. A J Ansari” desc=”Dr. A J Ansari has done Master and Doctorate in Sociology. He is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression therapist and Reiki healer. He is one of the rare experts of Metaphysics, hypnotherapy and Tantra. He has imparted training to the students and scholars of many countries.He is Originator of the First Training program on Metaphysics in the Country. Have distinguished experience of Psychological and Metaphysical devices for more than 25 years.” caption_location=”outside-image”][mk_image heading_title=”Dr. Pooja Anand” src=”http://webtesting.guru/iha/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/user.jpg” image_size=”medium” lightbox=”true” frame_style=”border_shadow” title=”Dr. Pooja Anand” desc=”Dr. Pooja Anand is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki healer, Crystal healer, Tarrot card reader and Bach flower therapist. She has done Master and Doctorate in Psychology. She is the originator of ‘Divine Healing Therapy’. She has been conducting training programs in Reiki healing, Divine healing, Crystal healing and Tarrot card reading for more than 15 years in several countries. She has been conducting motivational programs with corporate sector, defense personnel and development professional. She is writer of the book ‘Marital Counselling’.” caption_location=”outside-image”]
[mk_image heading_title=”Dr. J P Malik” src=”http://webtesting.guru/iha/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/dr.-j-p-malik.jpg” image_size=”medium” lightbox=”true” frame_style=”border_shadow” title=”Dr. J P Malik” desc=”Dr. J P Malik has done Master and Doctorate in Psychology. He is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression therapist and Theta healer. Have experience of more than three decades, vis-a-vis, healing and capacity in the field of psychology and development. Have written more than two dozen books and training modules on development, education and hypnosis. Has conducted training programs in several countries and trained students and professionals from different parts of the globe.He has simplified hypnosis training so as to be understood even by the laymen easily.” caption_location=”outside-image”][mk_image heading_title=”MS. Barkha” src=”http://webtesting.guru/iha/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/ms.-barkha.jpg” image_size=”medium” lightbox=”true” frame_style=”border_shadow” title=”MS. Barkha” desc=”Ms. Barkha is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychic therapist, Reiki healer, Tarrot card reader and Body Language expert. She has been imparting healing and conducting skill training programs in these fields for about One Decade. Basically she is a graduate in Humanities.” caption_location=”outside-image”]
[mk_image heading_title=”Dr. Madan Singh” src=”http://webtesting.guru/iha/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/dr.acharya-madan-singh.jpg” image_size=”medium” lightbox=”true” frame_style=”border_shadow” title=”Dr. Madan Singh” desc=”Dr. Madan Singh is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Astrologer, Reiki healer and Past Life Regression therapist. He has done Master and Doctorate in Psychology. Have experience of about Two decades of the alternative therapies such as Counselling, Yoga, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Astrology and Vastu. He is the originator of ‘Solar Meditation Program’. He is writer of the book “The Power of Vedic Psychology” which is based on 108 hymns (mantras) of Vedas.” caption_location=”outside-image”][mk_image heading_title=”Tarun Malik” src=”http://webtesting.guru/iha/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/mr.-tarun-malik.jpg” image_size=”medium” lightbox=”true” frame_style=”border_shadow” title=”Tarun Malik” desc=”Mr. Tarun Malik is a certified Psychic healer, Clinical hypnotherapist and Graphologist. He is a Graduate of Hospitality and Master of Social work. He is originator of ‘Order of Mind Excellence Program’. He has distinguished experience of Hypnotherapy, Psychic reading, Graphology, Body language and Mind Excellence therapy for about Five years. He has written the popular book “Advance Techniques of Mind Excellence”.” caption_location=”outside-image”]

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