Workshops & Courses Offered

Hypnotherapy has been confirmed as a very effective treatment methodology of various psychological disorders related to sub-conscious mind, hence opening up countless career opportunities for individuals looking to be professional Hypnotherapist.   IHA regularly conducts Clinical Hypnotherapy & Hypnotic Workshops at the center. For admissions, please select from the following courses/workshops:   Training Workshops & E-Courses

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy (Diploma Course)
  • Clinical Comprehensive Hypnotherapy (Diploma Course)
  • Crash Course
  • Self-Hypnosis Course
  • Psychic Therapy
  • Transpersonal Hypnosis
  • Unlock Mind Power Therapy Course
  • E- Basic Hypnosis
  • E- Clinical Psychic Therapy
  • E-Trans Personal Hypnosis
  • Unlock Mind Power Therapy Course (E-Course)

Books & E-Books

  • Trataka
  • Trataka (ebook)
  • Inside Hypnosis
  • Inside Hypnosis (ebook)
  • The Couple Therapy (ebook)
  • Hypnotic Conditions (ebook)
  • Spiritual Healing (ebook)

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